[eBook]125+ Paid Blogging Gigs: Get Paid $30 to $1300 Every Time

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I will make this quick. I am [about me] a freelance content developer and I really understand the problem we go through searching for regular writing assignments that not only pay well but consistently.

The 125+ Paid Blogging Gigs is my first eBook and it’s just a tip of the iceberg. I have a lot of goodies to share in the near future.

Is this eBook for you?

If you’re looking for sites that not only publish content but even remunerate your effort, this eBook is for you. Specifically,

  • if you’re a blogger, write on these sites, build your blog authority and earn valuable backlinks to your blog/s.
  • if you’re a freelance writer, write on these sites and extend your writing repertoire.

Preview: List of Website that Pay $100+ /Blog Post – You’ll see resources like these in the eBook.

When I started online freelance writing, I often wished there was a ready-made list of websites to contact, pitch, write and get paid. I couldn’t find any.

I know there are a lot of bloggers and freelance writers out there who will find this eBook to be a huge resource.

The eBook will not only list the site but give you actionable hacks to get published, starting with pitching the blog owners, creating stellar content and an opportunity to send me your questions/doubts.

What Readers are Saying?

I am getting some encouraging feedback from readers. Avadhut Nigudkar - EsmeeNetwork eBook TestimonialChitra, first of all, I want to thank you for taking this important topic which is close to my heart. I’ve learnt technical writing; however, I’ve been looking for content / business writing inputs. You have exceeded my expectations from this eBook. The structure and content of the eBook is well planned and executed. One can make a career in writing through this eBook and your course. I wish you all the best. – Avadhut Nigudkar, FinanceWalk.com



Darnell JacksonThis is a must have for serious freelance writers.  If you won’t invest the price of a coffee at Starbucks in your career then maybe freelance writing is not for you.  This is an excellent resource that answers many of the biggest questions that new and experience writers struggle with like how to find clients. Chitraparna shares in detail how she writes awesome pitches that get published and land gigs. Buy this book now and thank me later. – Darnell Jackson, YourOnline.biz

Take charge of your income today!

Chitraparna Sinha

How to get the 125+ Paid Blogging Gigs eBook?

The eBook is priced at $3.99 only.

Considering that you could earn more tha $3000/month using the eBook, the price is too minimal. Isn’t it?

If you wish to pay via credit card, debit card or PayPal, use the form to pay. You’ll be redirected to the eBook download link immediately after payment.

If the form isn’t visible below, click here to access the same

Indian Buyers: If you’re a buyer from India and would like to pay via online bank transfer, please use the contact form to reach me.


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    Hello chitraparna,

    Very informative post. As main aim of every blogger is to earn some money out of their hard work it is necessary to make your blog successful. For this paid guest blogging is a great idea and you have given an ultimate guide for it. Thanks for sharing.

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    From last few day i have been searching a idea to earn through my blog except blogging..
    And thanks to your post this gave me idea of Paid post..
    thanks a ton for sharing it…:)

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    Hi,.. Chitraparna Mam,

    Nice to see your ebook. wish you all the best hope your ebook will Rock on Internet Because it is related to make money , and now day mostly every one wants to earn money 😀

  4. says

    Nice to see your Ebook. wish you all the best hope your Ebook will Rock on Internet Because it is related to make money , and now day mostly every one wants to earn money and improvement.

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    Your articles are so good.I am wondering how appreciable the e-book will be ! I am going to subscribe this.Hope more Contents are coming.

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    Hi Chitra,
    Its really wonderful to be here,
    I am here via kingged.
    Thanks for this wonderful offer.
    Keep sharing
    Keep informed
    May you have a great weekend!
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

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      Hello Ahmad,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Just rescued your comment from the sp*m folder. Yes, I do have a new Payoneer account. What do I need to give you for receiving the payment?


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