10 Best Resources to Land Freelance Writing Jobs

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You need to excel in the art of locating freelance writing jobs to be a successful freelancer. The task to find and pitch on freelancing jobs never ends. You need to be on the lookout for new clients continuously to build a steady freelance income stream.

Freelancing opportunities whose pay resonates with your writing skills and experience are in abundance. Really!

You just need to know where to look and be a hard negotiator.

Don’t be stuck in the rut.

Informative Read:

Oftentimes, people email me to know about places where one can find freelance writing jobs. I am not talking about crowdsourcing platforms like Elance and Guru or websites like iWriter where the former is mostly a “who will work for less” selection game and the latter function as content mills offering $3/article!

No, I am talking about getting into direct contact with potential clients. Mind you, the work involved is more but so are the benefits. Working with freelancing clients directly is far better than working through a medium.

Best Resources to Land Freelance Writing Jobs

In this piece, I present the best curated resources to get freelance writing jobs. You don’t have to scourge the net; I did the work for you.

All you need to do is bookmark this article and take action – most important! Don’t procrastinate.

Best Resources to Land Freelance Writing Jobs

Be ready with these five things to use this list:

  • Professional Email Id
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter (don’t send the same to everyone!)
  • Live URLs of Published Content (Optional)
  • Sample/s

Let’s get on.

  • ProBlogger.net Job Board

The jobs section of ProBlogger.net is my personal favorite resource to find freelance writing jobs. Darren Rowse owns the blog and he is one of the most trusted, followed and authority figures in the blogosphere.

The listed jobs come from serious employers and offer premium rates. If you’re looking for long-term quality freelance writing work, don’t miss this one!

Jobs Update Frequency – DAILY

  • FreelanceWriting.com Job Updates

Owned by Brian Scott since 1997, the FreelanceWriting.com is undoubtedly the topmost resource for freelance writers. You can find informative and actionable help to improve freelancing skills and skyrocket income.

They maintain a freelance writing jobs section that curates writing assignments from multiple sources at one place.

They also offer a weekly newsletter series sending the best of the freelance writing jobs to your inbox.

Jobs Update Frequency – DAILY

  • MediaBistro.com Listings

Another authority establishment of the media industry, MediaBistro.com offers resources, jobs, events and news from the media industry.

Their jobs section is one of the most frequently visited online resource. It lists freelance writing jobs from every section of the media. You can find novel writing propositions to social media content development to simple article writing gigs!

Jobs Update Frequency – DAILY

  • FreelanceWritingGigs.com Curated Listings

Noemi Twigg does a commendable task of sifting through multiple freelance writing jobs listed on Craigslist, filtering them and presenting the best opportunities on her writing gigs section.

The jobs are divided on the basis of requirement. For instance, you have blogging jobs, copywriting jobs; resume writing jobs, grant writing jobs and more. She also lists whether the jobs are located to any particular area or if they are remote / telecommute positions.

Jobs Update Frequency – ALMOST DAILY

  • Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

Quite obviously, you will use this resource only if you’re based in Canada. The site curates all kinds of freelance writing jobs available in Canada.

Jobs Update Frequency – DAILY

  • Indeed.com

Indeed.com is actually a job site like Monster.com and others but it does have a dedicated section for freelance writers.

Most of the job listings are based in USA and they are either full-time or telecommute positions but you can still try your luck!

Jobs Update Frequency – ALMOST DAILY

Another resource could be CareerBuilder.com but their job posting frequency is very less.

  • Online-Writing-Jobs.com Massive Resource

This site tops everyone!

They curate freelance writing jobs from all over the Internet. All are telecommuting options and it is a really great place to land some cool writing gigs. From magazine writing to SEO writing jobs, you can find all.

Jobs Update Frequency – EVERY HOUR!

  • WritersWeekly.com Forum

The WritersWeekly.com forum has the distinction of being the highest circulated freelance writing Ezine in the world.

Sign up with the forum and read its rules. Members get access to all job listings and you can apply directly.

Jobs Update Frequency – DAILY

  • BloggingPro.com Jobs

BloggingPro.com is one of the top authority blogs about blogging and WordPress. They have an active jobs listing section listing mainly blogging assignments.

Jobs Update Frequency – DAILY 


I hope the list helps you. If you know of any other resource that deserves to be listed here, do share in the comments!

Surf the freelance writing jobs resources and try to send more than 10 applications daily.


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      Thank you Rahul.

      There are sharing options on the left-side as a floating social share bar. Are you unable to see it? Can you send a screenshot of what you see and the browser name?

  1. says

    Hi Chitraparna,

    A great list. Much useful for people like me, who are looking for freelance writing jobs.

    I must admit that the above mentioned sites are some of the best places to get started. With the right skill set, one can expect to thrive making use of them!

    Thanks again, for sharing. :)


  2. says

    Hi Chitra,

    Thanks for the work that you are doing. It is not easy to make a reasonable living as a freelancer starting out. I think that John Soares’ Community is a great networking place to join.

    The competiveness is remarkable. I notice that freelancer.com has over 10.8 million users now, but that is not only writers.

    Best wishes

    John Cosstick

    • says

      Hi John,

      I absolutely loved your website and will check out the resources soon :) Can you send me the link to John Soares’ community? I searched online but not sure if I came across the right one.

      You’re right about Freelance.com but I have stopped recommending it to new freelance writers. The only reason unfair price war.

      Best Wishes,

  3. says

    Hello Chitraparna ,

    Well I’m kinda new here and I’ve read your posts at your old blog “Socialvani” and I must say I’ve learned a lot from that blog.

    Now I’m not into writing stuff and these resources for earning from writing jobs are really informative.


  4. says

    There were quite a few job boards I didn’t know about, including Media Bistro. It’s crucial to bookmark all of them at once so we always have something to look at and don’t run into any dry spells.

    P.S. Another good option I’ve been looking into lately is the BloggingPro Job Board.


  5. says

    Just had a look at some of these sites and must say that so far I seem to have given away a lot of money by writing and not asking for any. Wasn’t aware it was actually that easy … Thanks for the list! Wouldn’t have thought that (lightly populated) Canada would have an extra writing exchange.

      • says

        Hi Chitraparna – yes, that’s right. What I mean that I often wrote blog comments that were so “erudite and pertinent” that, seeing what people get away with being paid for, I could have easily asked for money for the same kind of text (of course not as a commenter, but as an author offering the same insights as a freelance post!).

  6. says

    Great collection..
    Before i entering as an entrepreneur, I started my career with freelance article writer.. But I haven’t tried to submit my contents over these many sites ..
    However, it will be a great opportunity for newbies who starts to earn with freelance writing ..
    Thanks for the valuable article..

    • says

      Hi Rahul, glad to see you here. I visited your new blog, MintBeatz, a couple of times and it looks good. Your experience as a freelance writer will surely help you with blogging.

  7. says

    Hi Chitra,

    Thanks for such a helpful article, Just had a query. I have tried a lot applying jobs from ProBlogger, but still have no luck. I wonder if my emails are getting opened. any trick ?

  8. says

    Look at WriterAccess.com – they offer writers at all levels including excellent 6 star writers at 10 cents to $2/word. You can choose a specific writer to work with if you are buying content or work with select clients repeatedly. .

  9. says


    Thank you for sharing these useful tips….
    I will try them & I will definitely promote your page on my Google+ page.



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