How to Write 5000 Words in 24 Hours?

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Under no circumstance do I recommend you to write 5000 words every 24 hours on a long-term basis because it leads to serious ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and a loss of interest.

As a writer myself, I do realize the need for meeting deadlines and if you are in a ‘fix’, use my personal tried and tested strategy to write 5000 words in 24 hours but don’t practice it daily.


You don’t need any apps or software to do this. Just plain old time management and common sense is enough.

Here you go:


1. No Emailing or Facebook!

Don’t check emails or log in to social networks for the next 24 hours. They are a BIG distraction.

If it’s a must, answer emails and check updates before starting work and that too within 30 minutes or less.

2. Divide & Arrange Topics

You have a bunch of topics to write. Divide the topics into separate categories. For instance, 5 articles may be on health, 2 on social media and so on.

Dividing the topics make it easier because thoughts and concepts flow fluidly and you type faster.

3. Research Online

Research is time consuming. Take each category / topic and keep the research material ready in advance.

If you use Google Chrome browser, use the One Tab extension. The application converts all the open tabs in a list. When you need them again, it either restores the whole list or any particular link.

Once done, keep the necessary tabs open and go off the Internet completely. Alternately, if your work entails reading eBooks and whitepapers, download them on the system and switch off Internet.

Do not go online unless all the work is done or something really urgent comes up.

4. Time the Articles


Since you want to write 5000 words in 24 hours, I am assuming that you do have good typing speed.

All you need to do is time the articles. With good typing speed, it won’t take more than an hour to research and write 500 words.

Therefore, you can write 5000 words in 10 hours flat. Don’t bother to edit and proofread them as of now.

5. Take Breaks

Take a 15 minute break every 2 hours or a 10 minute break every hour. It is a must. You should not write at a stretch for long. You will stress out sooner.

Once you have completed writing 5000 words, switch off the computer and take break for an hour.

6. Return to Edit / Proofread

Depending on your writing skills, you will do either of the two. Take 10-15 minutes to edit or proofread every batch of 500 words.

7. Zip it!

Once done, zip it or attach individually and email them.

Did you actually Write 5000 Words?

Yes, you did.

Calculate yourself.

  • Checking emails and social updates – 30 minutes
  • Online research – 60 minutes
  • 10 x 500 words @ 1 post per hour = 10 hours
  • 10 minute break every hour = 100 minutes
  • 15 minutes x 10 @ 500 words each = 150 minutes

Total time spent equals 940 minutes or 16 hours approx. You still have 8 hours left.

Unless there is any urgency, I repeat again, do not try to write 5000 words daily.

What are your thoughts?


  1. says

    Now that’s what I was looking for! I have seen people writing 5000-6000 words content and I thought how they get so much time?? In my case facebook is more of a distraction..

  2. says

    I plan writing a very long guest but my greatest distraction has being Facebook. Logging on unto Facebook whiles writing a post is one great disservice anyone an do to his or herself.

    That was a nice one there Chitra!

  3. says

    Great stuff, Chitraparna.
    I tend to publish Kindle books regularly, so I am required to be extremely disciplined about reaching high word counts. But you’re absolutely right; shooting for 5,000 words consistently has proven to be, well, not very wise…

    In addition, I also enjoy publishing regularly on my blog, which certainly doesn’t help matters. Therefore, your tips are right on (regarding taking breaks, etc.)


  4. says

    Hi Chitraparna
    This is really great post which shows how people should manage time. I personally have faced situations where i need to write 5000+ words in one single day and without time management and smart actions, it is impossible to attain such feast.

    • says

      Hi Saurabh,

      Time management is of prime importance for self-employed people. Otherwise, there’s no income and one is left twiddling thumbs. For a writer, it is necessary to maintain a certain benchmark. If one manages time and projects perfectly, writing 5000 words+ a day situations won’t ever arise. What say?

      • says

        Well thats right…Time management is a must for self employed and its difficult as there is no one on our head monitoring us , its just our self control.

  5. Vjay says

    Yes these tips will really help any individual in writing the posts for their blog without any distractions. When writing in between i always get distracted by mails and Facebook. One best thing is while writing disconnect the Internet Connection.

  6. says

    I would just say – Superb ways/suggestions !

    All points mentioned above seems quite practical and based on true experience. Thank you so much CHITRAPARNA mam for sharing this awesome writing guide.

    Just loved the ideas !!


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