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WriterBay Review: A Legitimate Freelance Academic Writing Agency

WriterBay Review
  • Legitimate Agency
  • Timely Payment
  • Active Support
  • Vast Subject Choice


WriterBay is one of the best portal for freelance academic writing: it doesn't cheat; it pays on time; it gives plum assignments. Read the WriterBay review below and join it.

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This review was originally posted on my other blog, SocialVani, in 2012. It is republished here with updates. 

WriterBay is one of the few online freelance academic writing agencies I trust and you should too, if you are interested in academic writing.

If the term “academic writing” seems new to you, here is a brief introduction about it.

What is Academic Writing?

Do you remember all the assignments and projects you used to do during school and college years?

Sometimes you did it and sometimes you received help from others. Am I right?

In the same way, as an academic writer, you help other students on their projects and assignments. You can take up small assignments, term papers, and assist students in thesis writing.

You can actually use your educational knowledge and help a needy student.

Is Academic Writing Unethical?

Some would say it is unethical because the academic writer is basically helping the student to “cheat” in their assignments by writing them custom papers.

For a while, I thought the same too but my experience tells me that it is not about aiding students to “cheat”. Academic writing help is more about helping a student to “write” better.

The education system is such that even when the student knows the subject in-depth but cannot explain it properly because the writing style is poor, no examiner would give the student marks for that knowledge, they all want to see that knowledge written in flawless style on the paper.

This is where academic writers come in. The academic writers “help” students to write better.

WriterBay Review - Homepage

WriterBay Review: Is the Site Trustworthy?

I have worked with some academic writing agencies in the past and WriterBay is on the “trusted” list of academic sites.

My association with them is running into its 3rd year and I am completely satisfied with how the site functions. Once you clear their test, access to their list of projects is given. Simply choose an assignment of your liking and their support staff will assign it after looking at your educational qualifications.

Upload the assignment through the dashboard, wait for approval and receive payment. The payments are disbursed every month.

WriterBay Review: Positive Aspects

The reasons I prefer WriterBay are:

(1)  It’s Legitimate is a legitimate academic writing company. I can say this because I have associated with more than 10 academic freelance companies in the past and only two were legitimate – one is WriterBay (Dublin-based) and the other is Prospect Solutions (UK-based).

(2)  Timely Payment always pays. Their payment period is from the 16-20 of every month and you must have accumulated at least $100 to receive the payment. If not, the amount is taken forward to the next month.

If you are regular with the work, managing $100 is a 3-day task. Here is a real screenshot of what writers are earning every month.

WriterBay Review - Earnings Snapshot

(3)  Tough Registration Procedure

I prefer tough membership / registration process because it shows that the company favors investing in resources towards quality work output.

You have to show the scanned copy of highest qualification level attained, have thorough knowledge of citation styles like Oxford, Harvard and MLA, and finally, give a written test.

Once the written test is through, you are welcomes into the team. You don’t have to pay anything to get work.

(4)  Active Support Staff

Unlike the lazy and unconcerned support system of other academic help companies, the support staff here is very soft-spoken, understanding and supportive to the writers – another feature you won’t see in other academic help companies, except for Prospect Solutions.

Further, the support staff is very approachable. You can communicate with them anytime over phone or email.

A while back, a student tried to apply false plagiarism charge on me. I wrote a paper for him in December but the plagiarized content he showed was dated in September. I pointed out the same to WriterBay and they promptly supported my stand, which would never have happened with other academic freelance companies like EssayWriters and FreelanceCareers.

(5)  WriterBay Subjects Choice

People from any educational background will find a subject of their choice, guaranteed. Their subject choices are expansive and make sure you specialize in that subject. You can write on:

  • Accounting
  • Anthropology
  • Art and Architecture
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Consumer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economic
  • English Literature
  • Family Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Finance
  • Gender Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Theater
  • World Affairs
  • World Literature

…that’s a lot of subjects!

(6)  Earn from Reference

They have an affiliate system for writers. It means that if anyone joins them on your recommendation, you get 30% of their total earning, every month.

Display their banner on your blog, if any, and get 3% commissions every time your affiliates earn from WriterBay. You will receive a custom affiliate link. Share that link on the web and get writers registered under you.

WriterBay Review: Negative Aspects

(1)  Assignments = Online Time

They seem to prefer those writers who are always online on their system. They use their chat feature to directly contact writers and offer them projects, which means that if you are not online but more suited for that assignment, you lose the assignment.

It will be better if writers are contacted directly only when the assignment is urgent and there is nobody else around; otherwise, academic writers will begin to call this bias.

(2)  Assignments Inflow

You won’t always find a steady stream of assignments on WriterBay. However, they are not to be blamed since this work is mostly seasonal. During summer and winter seasons, the number of available assignments are more than one can manage.

Still, don’t let this deter you from joining WriterBay.

Am I writing for

YES, I occasionally do but not frequently due to other work commitments. However, they are really a legitimate academic writing company and I wanted to share this with my readers.

I hope you will join WriterBay and make the most of it.

Or, if you have worked with WriterBay already, share your experience with other readers through the comments section below.


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  1. Writer Bay is a homework cheating site based in India. The people who work there have English as a Second Language and work from their homes in India. They are liars and grinders but what can you expect from a company that offers cheating as a service.

    • Hi John,

      As far my research says, WriterBay is definitely not a site based in India. They are based in the United Kingdom and recently, they have started custom sites to cater to specific geographic regions and India is one of them.

      Further, if one has to take a balanced perspective, seeking help from outside to write assignments and thesis is unethical in itself. Though WriterBay and similar sites offer writing “help”, it is but a known fact that the student submits what is written by the academic writer and gets good / bad grades. If students take their studies seriously, the demand for academic writing sites will evaporate.

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