WriterBay Review: A Legitimate Freelance Academic Writing Agency

WriterBay Review
  • Legitimate Agency
  • Timely Payment
  • Active Support
  • Vast Subject Choice


WriterBay is one of the best portal for freelance academic writing: it doesn't cheat; it pays on time; it gives plum assignments. Read the WriterBay review below and join it.

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This review was originally posted on my other blog, SocialVani, in 2012. It is republished here with updates. 

WriterBay is one of the few online freelance academic writing agencies I trust and you should too, if you are interested in academic writing.

If the term “academic writing” seems new to you, here is a brief introduction about it.

What is Academic Writing?

Do you remember all the assignments and projects you used to do during school and college years?

Sometimes you did it and sometimes you received help from others. Am I right?

In the same way, as an academic writer, you help other students on their projects and assignments. You can take up small assignments, term papers, and assist students in thesis writing.

You can actually use your educational knowledge and help a needy student.

Is Academic Writing Unethical?

Some would say it is unethical because the academic writer is basically helping the student to “cheat” in their assignments by writing them custom papers.

For a while, I thought the same too but my experience tells me that it is not about aiding students to “cheat”. Academic writing help is more about helping a student to “write” better.

The education system is such that even when the student knows the subject in-depth but cannot explain it properly because the writing style is poor, no examiner would give the student marks for that knowledge, they all want to see that knowledge written in flawless style on the paper.

This is where academic writers come in. The academic writers “help” students to write better.

WriterBay Review - Homepage

WriterBay Review: Is the Site Trustworthy?

I have worked with some academic writing agencies in the past and WriterBay is on the “trusted” list of academic sites.

My association with them is running into its 3rd year and I am completely satisfied with how the site functions. Once you clear their test, access to their list of projects is given. Simply choose an assignment of your liking and their support staff will assign it after looking at your educational qualifications.

Upload the assignment through the dashboard, wait for approval and receive payment. The payments are disbursed every month.

WriterBay Review: Positive Aspects

The reasons I prefer WriterBay are:

(1)  It’s Legitimate

WriterBay.com is a legitimate academic writing company. I can say this because I have associated with more than 10 academic freelance companies in the past and only two were legitimate – one is WriterBay (Dublin-based) and the other is Prospect Solutions (UK-based).

(2)  Timely Payment

WriterBay.com always pays. Their payment period is from the 16-20 of every month and you must have accumulated at least $100 to receive the payment. If not, the amount is taken forward to the next month.

If you are regular with the work, managing $100 is a 3-day task. Here is a real screenshot of what writers are earning every month.

WriterBay Review - Earnings Snapshot

(3)  Tough Registration Procedure

I prefer tough membership / registration process because it shows that the company favors investing in resources towards quality work output.

You have to show the scanned copy of highest qualification level attained, have thorough knowledge of citation styles like Oxford, Harvard and MLA, and finally, give a written test.

Once the written test is through, you are welcomes into the team. You don’t have to pay anything to get work.

(4)  Active Support Staff

Unlike the lazy and unconcerned support system of other academic help companies, the support staff here is very soft-spoken, understanding and supportive to the writers – another feature you won’t see in other academic help companies, except for Prospect Solutions.

Further, the support staff is very approachable. You can communicate with them anytime over phone or email.

A while back, a student tried to apply false plagiarism charge on me. I wrote a paper for him in December but the plagiarized content he showed was dated in September. I pointed out the same to WriterBay and they promptly supported my stand, which would never have happened with other academic freelance companies like EssayWriters and FreelanceCareers.

(5)  WriterBay Subjects Choice

People from any educational background will find a subject of their choice, guaranteed. Their subject choices are expansive and make sure you specialize in that subject. You can write on:

  • Accounting
  • Anthropology
  • Art and Architecture
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Consumer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economic
  • English Literature
  • Family Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Finance
  • Gender Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Theater
  • World Affairs
  • World Literature

…that’s a lot of subjects!

(6)  Earn from Reference

They have an affiliate system for writers. It means that if anyone joins them on your recommendation, you get 30% of their total earning, every month.

Display their banner on your blog, if any, and get 3% commissions every time your affiliates earn from WriterBay. You will receive a custom affiliate link. Share that link on the web and get writers registered under you.

WriterBay Review: Negative Aspects

(1)  Assignments = Online Time

They seem to prefer those writers who are always online on their system. They use their chat feature to directly contact writers and offer them projects, which means that if you are not online but more suited for that assignment, you lose the assignment.

It will be better if writers are contacted directly only when the assignment is urgent and there is nobody else around; otherwise, academic writers will begin to call this bias.

(2)  Assignments Inflow

You won’t always find a steady stream of assignments on WriterBay. However, they are not to be blamed since this work is mostly seasonal. During summer and winter seasons, the number of available assignments are more than one can manage.

Still, don’t let this deter you from joining WriterBay.

Am I writing for WriterBay.com?

YES, I occasionally do but not frequently due to other work commitments. However, they are really a legitimate academic writing company and I wanted to share this with my readers.

I hope you will join WriterBay and make the most of it.

Or, if you have worked with WriterBay already, share your experience with other readers through the comments section below.


Apart from WriterBay, you can also check out Bid4Papers.com.


  1. Jorhn says

    Writer Bay is a homework cheating site based in India. The people who work there have English as a Second Language and work from their homes in India. They are liars and grinders but what can you expect from a company that offers cheating as a service.

    • says

      Hi John,

      As far my research says, WriterBay is definitely not a site based in India. They are based in the United Kingdom and recently, they have started custom sites to cater to specific geographic regions and India is one of them.

      Further, if one has to take a balanced perspective, seeking help from outside to write assignments and thesis is unethical in itself. Though WriterBay and similar sites offer writing “help”, it is but a known fact that the student submits what is written by the academic writer and gets good / bad grades. If students take their studies seriously, the demand for academic writing sites will evaporate.

  2. Jorhn says

    Their phone number and corporate registration is in India. If you are lying, do not bother to contact me again. If you are simply wrong, then I am glad I was able to give you correct information.

    Academic writing = Cheating. Students get expelled for cheating. This type of business is illegal in the US.

    • says

      I am neither the owner nor among the company staff so there’s no point in my lying. This review is an expression of my experience with the company. Thanks for the information about its origin.

      Academic writing is illegal everywhere, not only in the US.

      Lastly, if you wish to reply further, kindly tone down the attitude because trying to call me a liar is an allegation that is unacceptable.

      Thank you.

  3. Jorhn says

    I apologize. Looking up their corporate information was simple, so when you said they were UK-based I thought you were deliberately spreading misinformation. Also, I was unaware that Academic writing was illegal in other countries. Please accept my sincere apology and best wishes for your continued success.

  4. Aishwarya says

    Hi mam,
    I found your review very helpful and informational. I was considering getting a freelance job to help manage my expenses, is this a good website to be associated with? I’m a little hesitant because of an underlying fear of being cheated or scammed, which is very common with online freelance writing website… And also, what is this talk about it being illegal? Could you please clear this up for me?

    • says

      Hi Aishwarya,

      Freelancing is a good way to build side income. I understand the underlying fear but you can overcome it if you know what you are getting into. Before signing up for any online company / agency, Google for its review. You will get a better idea.

      About WriterBay: it’s an academic writing company where you, the writer, are writing assignments for a student and the student is submitting the same in his/her school or university and getting grades. In return, you are getting paid for the service. It’s like when we were in school and college, we used to help our friends complete their projects or homework…getting my point?

      Academic writing is aesthetically illegal because a student is getting grades which he/she doesn’t deserve as they didn’t work hard for it. On the other hand, academic writing is booming.

      Well, I don’t want to debate what is wrong and what is right…you have to make that decision…and everyone else who is reading this comment.

  5. says

    Well, guys, WriterBay is definitely not based in India – their support do sound like Native speakers, and their approach to running business is very professional. They do not delay payments, they are always supportive and I have never encountered any problems during my 1,5-year experience with them. I personally love my job, I have much free time and can dedicate it to completing academic assignments, researching new info and exploring new things on the web – and I am getting paid for it. Quite decent money too, I must admit. By the way, it is mentioned by the company that students cannot submit the received assignments on their own. So, from this “aesthetical” point of view – I complete my job and deliver an outstanding piece of work, getting paid for sharing my so-called intellectual property. I am satisfied, and what the students do with these works further on – it’s none of my business, but theirs. So let the students decide whether it’s cheating or simply getting help from outside sources.

    • says

      This is a perfect wrap up of the whole argument, Blake.

      If you work for any other genuine academic writing company or have come across any scammers in the industry, you’re welcome to contact me and submit a review. It will help a lot of eager freelance work seekers.

  6. says

    Yeah, I agree. The students are the one to figure out their “aesthetic” principles. We, freelance academic writers, deliver good work and get paid for it. Everybody is happy. The world is full of injustice, everybody has their own right to stand their point, but I am making my and my family’s living through completing academic assignments (quite complicated and extensive, at times). I feel perfectly fine working for Writerbay, they don’t make it feel like I am working for some scam company, their way of running business is very professional.

    • says

      I second that, Blake. Their way of running business is professional, regardless of where they are based. Ultimately, it is the student who needs to decide how to handle their academic life. If they want to outsource, that’s their decision. Academic writers are simply fulfilling the market demand.

  7. Rakesh Sinha says

    I agree with Chitraparna. I am a part-time writer with them for almost 9 months (largely on weekends and evenings) largely in Finance, since I also work during the day. They are extremely prompt, and yeah their acceptance standards are rather high. Maybe thats why some people commenting here are rather bitter!

    • says

      Well, I am not sure I can comment about the nature of people commenting here but as you said, WriterBay people are genuine, no matter where they are based and I think this is what matters the most.

  8. Hillary says

    There is no way you could get someone to help you get an account, until you apply individually and pass all the tests.
    Some freelancers buy into scammers’ promises about selling a WB active account, but as far as I know, writerbay is pretty good at tracking those people down and closing their accounts right away.
    Why do you want to be that dishonest to a service which can provide you with bread&butter?

  9. Asim says

    Hi Chitraparna,

    i registered with the writerbay a few days ago. I passed all their tests with good score, even wrote very polished essays, submitted my credentials and get rejected without any valid reason. Nobody is ready to tell me about their procedures of shortlisting.

    What could have possibly gone wrong?

    • says


      Congrats on clearing the tests.

      Projects are awarded on the basis of educational qualifications and experience. Are you sure you’re applying for the right kind of projects? I mean, if you’re a software engineer, you can’t get projects on English Literature. I hope you’re getting the drift.

  10. Kate Ginsberg says

    Sounds lucrative though I’d need to review style. Have a B.A. in English from UCLA and over 30 years as a medical transcriptionist, which I was damn good at. However, I’m a mom and I wouldn’t write my kids’ papers. Not that I’d need too, their writing is as good or better than mine. But I don’t think I can ethically do it. Too bad. I highly doubt any student would take a paper written by an expert and change it or dumb it down. Their parents are paying for THEM to learn to write. So I think it’s wrong. Others can do what they want but I have to follow my own code of ethics. I don’t see how this will help students learn. Guess I’ll keep looking for some research writing jobs (I love research, what a nerd) or other writing forms of income. Thanks for your honesty about the company everyone.

    • says

      Hi Kate,

      I completely agree with your viewpoint. I did academic writing for a while but left because of its unethical nature. I really believed when these companies stated that we’re giving them “research papers” and that students won’t submit it for scores and grades, which is completely untrue.

      Fact is students DO use such academic writing mills for grades. Personally, I think it’s a huge waste of parent’s money for a kid who gets the papers and essays done through these mills.

  11. says

    This is a very narrow-minded approach to think you “help the children cheat”, to be honest.
    I have stumbled upon orders on Business and Investments, which were apparently placed by some businessmen to get some fresh ideas on the ways to run a business, or for some theoretical research which would have the basic info accumulated, since the beginning businessmen do not have enough time to grasp on the recent tendencies all over the web at times and prefer to get a comprised info.
    Also, I have seen some quite creative assignments ordered by the people majoring in exact sciences – apparently, their mindset is oriented towards exact sciences, and creative writing may be hard to master for those whose professors decided to be original, so they need help with it.

    I am sorry if anyone finds it offensive, but I rather prefer perceiving this kind of websites to be a connecting link between those seeking academic help and those ready to provide their skills and writing talent in exchange for own experience and money, of course.

    • says

      Hi Fiona,

      Putting your own perspective in a constructive way is never offensive.

      I do understand your point. It is understandable that not many have creative writing skills and as such, they do need to seek additional help and personally, I am perfectly fine with it.

      What I have problems with is when school and college kids hire academic writers to do their term papers and it is clear, they are going to submit the same for scores and grades. This is what irks me most. Such students aren’t ready to put in effort for their academic success.

  12. says

    Well, people. I know this can be a long-winded discussion about the forms of cheating, academic knowledge, and so on, but what about the school system we have nowadays? Cannot speak for the whole world, but can definitely put my coins up for the U.S. Doesn’t our school system value grades more than learning? You can be an artistic personality, not “mentally” fit to conform with the academic curriculum and have your mind beyond the mundane school activities, yet you have to turn in the homework duly and attend classes. So it was for me – I am a known published journalist, I possess advanced knowledge in many fields, but neither my writing skills nor my knowledge base were formed in school – I practiced both during my volunteer expeditions, communication with other renowned writers, reading, reading, reading, writing my own stories, discussing them all night through with my peer authors, and I am happy where I am now. So, before we label a student with “lazy, irresponsible, arrogant” stamp, let us stop for a moment and think that maybe – perhaps! – we free the student’s time for doing what he loves or needs – playing football, jamming away on the drumset, cooking dinner for his overworked single mom, or else – the time he would have otherwise spent on completing a paper which will earn him a grade, but won’t make him any happier or any more successful in a long-run. That’s my perspective and I stand by it.

    • says

      Hello Henry,

      Well said and I do conform by your perspective. This is a situation, which I believe, is happening around the world. The education system is flawed primarily because the focus is on “grades” and not “knowledge” or “skils”. When I used to work with WriterBay, I came across many students who had excellent subject-matter perspective but couldn’t write them on paper.

  13. Ani Sengupta says

    Hi Chitraparna,

    I read all the threads and found that you are seem to be an active members on this portal 😛

    Just trying to improve my skills in the writing field, hence looked up for the freelancing jobs available.
    Need your guidance as I am a “Fresher” in this field :-)

  14. Will says

    Hey Chitraparna, why did you quit writing?
    Just curious, you don’t have to answer if it’s something personal. Take care!

    • says

      Hi Will,

      I quit writing because I was diversifying from academic writing to other mainstream content writing fields. I pursued academic writing to earn some quick money and once I had built a corpus, I quit and invested that money in my content writing business.

  15. says

    Hi my name is Rob, I am totally interested in working for the writer’s bay but how do you pay income taxes and not go to jail for evasion you said it’s illegal? I did my bachelor’s in 3 years i’m doing my master’s at 22 writer’s bay seems like a great way to fund more education as I always love learning. But it’s illegal and I assume that means I can’t file for income taxes this is under the table… right? 😀

  16. Jennifer R says

    I have been looking into academic writing for some time now and really only have a couple questions for you: 1. What level of college education does Writerbay require? I did attend college for a little less than a year but never completed my associates degree in Business Management because everything I was “learning” I already had knowledge of through previous work experience in business management (14 years experience at the time). 2. I excel in creative writing, although I do exceptionally well at other types too. Are there creative writing assignments available as well? I am confident that my writing skills would be sufficient for nearly any type of writing assignment because all the other students that I “helped”, during the time I attended college and after, earned them top scores and ratings in several fields of study.

    Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.

  17. ajit says

    Hi Chitraparna,
    I went through some comments carefully especially those relating to the ethics of academic writing. We as writers have just one mandate: to write for clients. Who are we to go into the reasons a client is requesting the job? All we know is that we have to work honestly without plagiarizing and offer the best writing work. Does an attorney representing an unethical client, someone with criminal past also become criminal for representing the client? Or, do government officials working for a government harboring terrorists become unethical just because they work for this government? Or, do I become criminal because the MNC I am working in off-shores to stash away black money? Who is to decide the ethics of academic writing? And on what basis? I presume the paper I write for clients is to help them understand a topic and expect them to modify the same in their own way. What I am offering is merely a learning tool, how they use this tool is entirely up to them. My teacher used to give an example of cheating: Suppose you are trying to learn a concept/mathematical formula just before the exam and then suddenly the bell rings. You enter the hall. Meanwhile you keep repeating the formula and as soon as you get the notebook for writing answers the first thing you do is write the formula/concept somewhere in the notebook to help you in the exam, this too would amount to cheating. In other words, how do you define cheating? There is something called ‘conscience’ which eventually determines what amounts to cheating and what does not, unless this faculty is dead. All I mean is that writing is an independent profession while the writers are mandated to follow the instructions of the clients they have entered into a contract with. A writer is as much guilty or not guilty of unethical practices as any other professional such as an attorney helping the clients recommend ways to legitimize their black money or an accounting professional working for a company that has violated environmental norms.

  18. Narinder says

    Your article presents a candid viewpoint on academic writing, and on Writerbay. Very useful information for those willing to venture into this field.

  19. Avik Bhattacharya says

    Hi Chitraparna,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I’m sure this would benefit aspiring writers like me who want to pursue a full time career in writing as a freelancer.
    For your information, I have written several articles for different companies, vendors and sub-vendors in the past although success has remained ever elusive until now. Till date I couldn’t bag a single project that could emancipate me from the drudgery of mundane 10 to 6 employment. Could you please suggest how can I earn a living writing? I want to learn MLA, APA and academic writing stuff, could you please suggest as to how I could possibly learn the stuff in a short time?

    Thanks a lot Chitraparna.

    Warm Regards
    Avik Bhattacharya

  20. says

    I’ve been working at Writerbay for about two years. Before I found this precious harbor for freelance writers I encountered with a great variety of scam companies that were not willing to pay or simply paid partial. Of course Writerbay is not so immaculate place and it has its dark and white sides, but still benefits prevail the deficiencies. First I will start with disadvantages. Registration process is quite complicated. It requires good knowledge of English and different formatting styles, but I think that such process is justified, because this company unlike any other strives for quality. The second and as for me the biggest disadvantage is that they are making payments only once a month, I’d like it to be increased at least to two times, but we have what we have.

    Now here come the advantages. What I really value at Writerbay is their support team that is available 24/7. When you are chatting with them, you feel that from that end is sitting a person (but not unemotional robot), who will listen to all your doubts and pains and provide with a solution. The second point which I value is the bonuses system they offer. After half a year I have got a promotion and a lot of bonuses, moreover I am always striving to deliver the high quality product, because I know that all my endeavors will be rewarded. The last, but not the least thing is that membership is absolutely free of charge. I hope that my comment was helpful and maybe someone will have a desire to join this great team.

    • says

      I agree with you about the payment. It is quite inconvenient to be paid only once a month, moreover, I am located in India and Payoneer is not working here, so I am limited only to PayPal and Webmoney that, indeed, also not that suitable to use. Nevertheless, I agree with you that it is a nice place for freelance.


      • says

        Hi Nirali,

        Payoneer is certainly working now in India. They relaunched in Feb-March 2015. I am its Brand Ambassador in India; if you’ve any questions, feel free to ask.

  21. says

    I feel that now it’s my turn to tell few words about Writerbay. So, I have been working with this company for 1 year already. What really makes me log in to my account every day is the feeling that you will find a support here. It is always a great pleasure to chat with so sweet people. Moreover, their staff available 24/7. The second thing is the flexible bonuses system. You may be sure that all your efforts will be rewarded fairly. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks, but they are really minor compare to the advantages. So, first, I do not like that they are making payments only once a month, but in 3 months I got used to it and accepted the reality. Secondly (mainly it is a disadvantage for applicants), they have quite tangled registration process, but trust me it is worth taking, cuz at the end of the road you will receive a great reward.

    • says

      I have joined this company 2 months ago and my own experience with their support staff was not that good. For the first time one agent started threatening me with fines for no reason, the second time I had a revision and support failed to investigate that it was an obvious contradiction. Luckily, my mentor helped me a lot. Million thanks to her, I need to buy her some present =) What motivates me is the level of salary and mentor, but I hope that in the nearest future I will find even more benefits.

  22. rr says

    Pass the Plagiarism Quiz: What do you know about plagiarism and how to avoid it? (5 multiple choice questions)

  23. says

    Countless opportunities and emotions. That’s all you will find at Writerbay. Of course sometimes those emotions can be negative (night calls, unexpected revisions), but the number of positive moments can simply erase all these inconveniences (flexible bonuses system, promotion opportunities, nice people). That is my sweet home.

  24. Robert Smith says

    Does anyone know how many questions have to be correct in the formatting questions to pass? There are five questions total.

  25. Ranjani says

    Hi Chitraparna
    Thanks for the review of writers bay. It was the first website i came across while i was exploring a vague idea of turning to writing professionally. I am a bit curious about how academic writing works- does the job entail just developing on ideas that the students/clients already have or does it involve content development from scratch? What do you get to start off with in an assignment?

    • says

      Mostly, it is content development from scratch and the student hands it in as his/her “own” assignment. To start off, you’re given the topic and requirements by the student.

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