1. Bookmarked these websites and give a try. For Design blogs the resource are different ! This will be helpful for tech blogs and other niche ! Will pick some websites and let me see how it works !

  2. I am not a proficient writer so i can’t take benefit of what you just shared but I will surely forward this post to my friends who are good at writing, I hope they earn good bucks with their writing skills. 🙂

    Thanks for such a brilliant post.

  3. Hi Chitraparna Madam,
    You have done fantastic job for providing us this list. Thanks for sharing. We really need to know about these sites. Many of the sites listed above are not known for me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chitraparna really nice list..Many bloggers may definitely try to write guest post for such blogs which pay good amount…Chitraparna all such blogs need guest posts which are of very high quality and many times they refuse to accept but then too trying few out can be useful…Do you know blogs which pay only 10-20$ but should have more chances of accepting the post?/

    • I understand what you’re saying Mohit. It IS really difficult to get published on these and other high quality blogs.

      Stay tuned as I am finalizing my eBook that will definitely solve your problem.

      ~ Chitra

  5. That’s really Epic, Chitra!

    Will read this post again. I think it will be great if an experienced writer like you teach us how to write and the whole framework of getting our work published on these sites.

    Thank you!


  6. Chitraparna, this is a post to keep. I didn’t realize that much money was out there to be made blogging. Very interesting. I guess it will be best to study these sites and see what type of content they are accepting. Thank you for sharing with us!

  7. A nice list you have here, Chitraparna. I have come to realise that tutorials on web design, coding, photoshop, etc pay more than any other writing stuff, and sites that deal with such tutorials are willing to pay anything from $50 upwards.

    Most paid to write sites are rip-offs, offering $5 to $20 to even have you publish their content on your own site. Postjoint is one of those sites I find so funny. I don’t even want to mention Reviewme. When I started as a newbie on their site, they gave me a post to publish for $5. After that, I never returned to them because I then realised I would never be able to make good money from there. Thanks to my wise decision.

    However, it is good to start with few offers that are cheap and then gradually start to ask for more as your rating improves.

    Thanks once again for this list. Do have a pleasant new week.

    • I realized the same while making this list. It gives an edge to all technology experts.

      I signed up on ReviewMe few years back but they were terrible. Almost all of the reviews got rejected and they didn’t cite any reason. It seemed like the site was working on autopilot.

  8. That’s a really nice post, Chitraparna!
    At first I thought that this would be some post with the same sites that most of us already know. But you have made a list of completely different sites. Apart from ListVerse, I didn’t know about any of these site and the fact that they pay up to $100 per post.
    Thanks for making a post about it!

  9. Great informative post Chitraparna. Maybe I should try one of these sites myself to see if I can write well enough to be accepted. The most I ever got paid for writing a post was $70. But I’ve written probably at least 1000 posts to mostly my own sites and never got paid a dime!

    Keep up the good work – I really like your blog.


    • Hi Charles,

      Feeling really glad to see you here on my new blog. I hope you will get published on some of these blogs. I am also coming out with an eBook that lists more such gigs. You can subscribe to the list to get it right before launch – 31 January.

      BTW, how did you come across my blog? Just curious.

      ~ Chitra

    • Hi Kinjal,

      Glad to see people finding this resource useful. I am coming out with an eBook that enlists a lot of places from where one can get paid blogging assignments, in multiple niches.

      If you sign up with my mailing list, it will be delivered right to your inbox before launch on 31 January.

      Keep visiting.

      ~ Chitraparna

  10. Hiii Chitraparna mam,
    Thank you so much for sharing this mind-blowing post with us. I was only familiar with three website from above mentioned list. thanks to You, I got 7 new website that pay $100 per Guest Post. thanks again mam…..!!

  11. Hi,

    Another great list. There is only one of these that I am familiar with and that is Post Joint.I am going to bookmark this list for future reference.

    Thanks so much for the time you spent compiling the list. Congratulations on your success.

  12. Some of these are large website and therefore paying someone that amount of money to write for them is pretty much nothing. Thanks for sharing this list.

      • dear madam,
        first i have to tell you that i am a BE student with computer branch but i don’t know anything about computer programming and i am not a professional writer or a good typist but i can type…
        i can type 15~20 words per minute & i can access internet very well. have a good knowledge of internet
        so tell me if any of job that can help me that help me to earn 30$ per week.
        please guide me……

          • okay i am ready to do this.
            please tell me everything about it.
            how to apply. it’s free?
            what is the payment i can get?

          • Yes, a mystery shopper needs to go out and work. If you want to work from home, you need to selll skills. For instance, I work as a freelance writer. There are a lot of web designing, web programming, consultancy, SEO, internet marketing options. There are no ‘free’ methods to each money online and neither should you depend on ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

            I can only help you if you have some skills to sell. What do you wish to do?

          • madam
            i know from internet that in mystery shopping , u have to go outside
            but i want to do job from home . please tell me about other chances and
            can i do freelancing ?

  13. Hello ,
    Thank you for your information .
    I` d like to know a thing : Are these 13 sites still working and paying now ?.
    I` ve found there` s site with no any post during year eve more !!?.
    Which sites` re the best in them ?.

    • Hi, all the sites are the best. Which site you will approach depends on your niche. You should approach only those site/s where you are comfortable contributing. I mean you should have subjective knowledge and information.

      The last I checked, all these sites are working. Which site hasn’t posted for a long time? Let me know. I will update the list then.

  14. Hi Chitraparna,
    First, let me thank you for sharing this very useful list.. I had managed to get 3 of my articles published on Motley Fool last year. But in the case of Listverse, I really did not find any posts from Indian bloggers… did you find any similar trend?

    • Hi Sonali, glad to see you on Motley Fool. Have you stopped writing there?

      About ListVerse, I remember one or two Indian-name writers there while researching for the list but I am unable to recall the names..However, you will see a lot of India-based content so I think that’s worth looking into. Are you trying for ListVerse?

  15. Hey chitraparna , really this is awesome list of websites i am looking for.
    i want to try my luck here but can you give me some tips to get approval of my content in this site coz i am new in writing line.

    • Thank you, Dilpritam.

      Make sure that you browse the site before writing / pitching the post / post idea. Being an editor myself, I can instantly catch if the writer is sending a general pitch to everyone or has the writer taken the effort to really check out the site, browse the kind of published content and made an informed choice.

      Second, always read the guest post guidelines and follow them. Even really good posts get rejected because they didn’t follow guidelines.

      Follow these two tips and you’ll be good.

      • HI Chitraparna,
        Thanks for giving time for my query and i am trying to improve my writing skill and i will follow your tips .

        Thanks again for these tips,looking forward to your posts about it.

        • You’re welcome, Dilpritam.

          The site is dedicated to freelancers as I understand how it is damn tough to make your mark as a freelancer. I just hope my experience will help others.

          If you want to remain updated, join my subscriber list (given on the right side) and you’ll receive all updates / coaching offers promptly.

  16. Hi Chirtraparna ,

    I’ve been hearing your name quite a lot of time in the Freelance and Blogging industry but for some reason I never drove in here and finally , today I’m here and I feel like ” Pat your back buddy “.

    Undoubtedly , one of the best ways to make big money is freelancing. Above all, it help us build high authority online which would definitely support us being an Entrepreneur 🙂
    You summed up all the great platforms to write and earn. Bookmarked 😀 !

    Keep writing 🙂 I’ll be around 🙂

    Cheers !

  17. I have seen this kind of article first time in my life where I read that people pay for comment.. This is very new and interesting for me. Hope I will get some money from some blog. Thanks for sharing this nice article

  18. Really liked the information here. As a new person in the field I find this information very helpful and will surely try my hand

    Thank you Chitraparna

  19. Very useful. And well structured. Thanks for sharing.

    Chitraparna says

    February 20, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    You’re welcome, Lavinia. Do you know of any other site which can be added to this list?

  20. Really, these websites are a gold mine for those who feel that content is nothing without SEO. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informational post.

  21. Hey Chitraparna,
    You have made a great list.
    I once sent an article to ListVerse, though they liked the idea, they didn’t like the way it was executed. It was a long time ago and I didn’t wanted to do any more research.
    But, I am going to resume my writing work soon and I hope that I will be able to get an article published on at least one of these blogs.

  22. Thanks for the list!
    Though some of the sites ceased to pay for submissions I found a few pearls in this article that look definitely worth a pitch. I bookmarked several of them for further investigation.
    Keep it up 🙂

  23. Hi Chitraparna,

    This is a great list indeed. Most of all, I liked your tips on how to increase the chances of getting accepted. I am exploring & A Fine Parent. These tips will surely help.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care 🙂

  24. Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, is very helpful my friend. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have. Keep up the good work you are doing here.

  25. Your collection of Free Article Submission Sites list are really effective. I am searching this kind of Free Article Submission Sites list. So Fortunately I have got thats on your website. It’s a great collection you have on your Website. I think all SEO expert will searching your website for Good Job. Thanks for sharing this List.

  26. This is really a huge collection of websites that do offer Guest Posting Opportunities and it is really glad to have it. Informative article!!!

  27. Hi there! You have mentioned awesome list and I did bookmarked some of them as I am starting to write up some post, these will help me out for sure. Thank you so much and I will need more suggestions in future too.

  28. Thank you for sharing! I have just started my searching and found your resource! I should say that these resources are not just good for PR and follow but are really interesting. I have selected several from them and even subscribed! Thank you for your work , this is a real help!

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