1. I left in 2012 but I earned 30k/m and I am interested to work on website. Currently, I have two blogs and

  2. Hi,
    This is a nice list of freelancing sites. All of them are new to me. I guess i never knew freelancing sites specifically for India.

  3. Hi Chitraparna,

    Freelancing is a great way to get money online from the skills that you already have. And using a local freelancing website can get more opportunities.

  4. I know some freelancer websites but here you listed some best freelancer websites also, really I am happy get in to your site. Keep writing…

    • Hi Hamza,

      I am not sure about because it is tailored to the Indian market but I guess you can use the rest of the sites. If you still have doubts, contact their support system to clarify before signing up.

      Thanks for visiting.

      • Hi Chitraparna,

        I like your post, this is really helpful. I’m also thinking to start freelancing. It would be so nice of you if you can provide some guidance to me.


          • At present I have no experience in this freelancing, but I’m looking forward to accept freelancing as a means of earning. All I need is some guidance and help from a person who is or was a freelancer, because only he/she can provide me with some real help. And as you have stated above you have experience in freelancing so I guess you can help me through this. Thanks.

          • I have no experience in freelancing. can you please help me…
            i’m looking forword to accept freelancing as a means of earning….
            and i also need guidline from you….
            thanx… 🙂

      • Thank you CHITRAPARNA SINHA for such valuable information. I live in Europe and want to work with own people in India. Can you please elaborate “I am not sure about because it is tailored to the Indian market”.
        Is there any chance for me to work in

        • Hi Prabhat,

          It’s great to know you want to contribute towards the Indian market.

 categorises freelancers by location like Freelancers in Noida, Freelancers in Delhi and so on. Nonetheless, you can work there. Do create an account today.

  5. Chitraparna

    List might be helpful, but I would want to know some in and out working of these web portals, could you please help me out with that.

    That would be a great help indeed.


    • Hi Udit,

      Except for 5th and 6th number sites, the remaining are “bidding sites”. They act as a medium between clients and freelancers. You create an account, surf through projects, place your proposal / bid and get selected.

      However, it isn’t that easy because such marketplaces have the negative reputation of clients hiring mostly “cheap” freelancers. This is inevitable. You can try any other freelancing sites following the same operational model.

      Therefore, the best tip I can give is avoid short selling yourself. It means you won’t be selected for projects as much as your peers but it is worth it. Don’t sell your freelancing services for pennies.


  6. I had worked on It is really awesome freelancing websites for Indians as the amount transaction is in Indian Rupees.
    And any one can also withdraw money through check or NEFT feature.
    Really awesome.. must try it.

    • Good to know DD. I interviewed their founders and their vision is really impressive.

      Have you worked with any of the other listed sites? I am sure my readers will be interested to know.

    • Hi Kumar,

      I used way back in 2008-2009 and they are a good site even if the pay is a bit on the lower side. If you are a beginner, you should surely apply.

  7. Hey
    I am a Filmmaker, Video Editor and DP in Delhi area. I was working with a media company as full time employee. Recently I quit my job and now want to work as freelancer. I dont find enough work related to my skills in such freelance websites. Dont know the reason for this but I wish there should be some website which has work related to my skills.

    • Hi Ashish,

      Glad to meet a fellow freelancer from New Delhi 🙂

      Refer to my list. I think you will find 6 & 8 no. sites useful. For your field of work, I think you should contact ecommerce and media agencies directly..that will bring better results.

      Have you tried anywhere yet?

      • Dear Chitra,
        I’m very new to freelancer.
        Please help me how to get project.
        I’m from Andhrapradesh

        Thank u

        • Hi Vusavara,

          If you’re new to the freelancing field, is a not a bad place to start. Initially, you have to make do with ‘low pay’ projects because clients are reluctant to hire “newcomers”. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have; clients see reviews on to make decision.

          Therefore, I suggest you to start with low cost projects, do your best to complete them to the satisfaction of the client and get feedback. As the number of feedbacks increase, it becomes easy to get high value projects from

          I am suggesting this from my own experience. Hope this helps.


          • i don’t know.but many programmers from india ask for salary of the three days covering the salary of a programmer in my country

          • …that’s an interesting comparison. Which country do you belong to?

            If you’re looking to hire a JAVA programmer, a person called “Gaurav Agarwal” commented on this post and he is a JAVA specialist. If you want, I can share his email id with you.

          • Ok .sounds interesting what you say.the country that we are talking about is Roumania.

  8. Thanks to listing out some more helpful content for freelancing jobs in India. It is a very nice list. Very helpful. Keep in update with new search criteria.


  9. Hi,
    I am architect & i want to start freelancing on the website. I visited two sites and , i cannot decide where to start as an architect. is a big rush , guru is a bit expensive i feel. what suggestion you can give me about the site.

    • Hi Resha,

      Welcome to the freelancing world 🙂 If you’re based in India, I suggest going for as you will get a greater exposure with client acquisition. does operate in India but I don’t think the niche is that well segmented.

      My Pro Tip: try the freelancing sites for few weeks and in the meantime, start contacting agencies / companies directly. The second way always converts better.

      All the best!


      • Thanks Chitra,
        But how to contact agencies / companies directly, is there any database of these companies?

        • Unfortunately Resha, I haven’t come across any such databases. Even if you do manage to find, you have to shell a lot of money to buy it.

          But don’t be disheartened…What I suggest is do a Google search of companies and agencies, and drop in your resume / portfolio with a nice covering letter. Mind you, recruiters are “not-so-enthusiastic” about hiring freelancers generally but do keep trying. You can portray yourself as a “contractor” or “freelancer”…either way works.

          I hope this helps.


  10. Dear Ms Chitraparna


    Thanks for posting this information. We are a leading HR Consulting firm based in Delhi & NCR and currently have many vacancies to fill. We are also giving a thought on the freelancing model. As we have a list of clients who will be also interested in keeping freelance staff for them we think this freelancing model would work great here. Please help us and let us know if we can provide freelancing services to our clients.

    Best Regards
    Mrinal Barkataky

      • Very nice thread :)..I used to be a freelancer aswell…as I pooled money out of it..I started online retailing :)…of late i came accross a site called … pretty interesting!..

        • Hi Preethi 🙂

          What do you retail online?

          I have used Fiverr before…it’s the first mini-marketplace online and gives good business.

          Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  11. Hi Chitraparna,

    I am a freelance web designer from Kolkata. I have set up an account on WorknHire. Can you tell me how long it takes for someone like me to be awarded my first project? Also it will be helpful to know the average success ratio of bidding.


    • Hi Ayan,

      Nice to know someone from Kolkata. I am from there too.

      Are you new in the freelancing field? If yes, it will take some time to get work on any bidding site, not just If you have experience, make sure to crisply describe it and/or upload your portfolio. Experience expedites the hiring process.

      No matter whether you are new or an experienced freelancer, don’t depend on just one site. Join other platforms, search for direct clients, network with business owners and more. Create multiple revenue streams.

      I hope this helps.


      • Hey, nice to know a Calcuttan!

        Yes, I am new to freelancing. I do have accounts set up in sites like Odesk, Freelancer, Guru, et al. However the competition is extremely intense on those sites. This is precisely what brought me to the India based site worknhire. however, I don’t find the clients being prompt in responding to bids. In fact, it’s quite common to see clients’ profiles showing a 0 on their ‘projects awarded’ field. Is it that they also look out for freelancers on the more competitive and popular sites and award the assignment there, in which case it’s not much of a help joining the Indian sites like WnH?

        • aaah! welcome to the world of freelancing, with its doubts and mounting frustration.

          Int’l sites like those you mentioned really do have intense competition. Hundreds of freelancers join everyday so the number of bids per project won’t ever have a balanced ratio. On the other hand, int’l clients are comfortable with the “freelancing” model.

          Now, let’s come to our home turf. Freelancing sites like WnH are great initiatives, no doubt, but the working style needs to sink in with Indian recruiters. The reason you see ‘0’ on client’s ‘project awarded’ field is mainly due to their reluctance of accepting something new. Given a chance, most of them would prefer to hire a full-timer than a freelancer. Comparatively, a salaried employee gets paid less than a freelancer.

          My suggestion to you –

          Good that you have joined these sites…keep looking into their projects from time-to-time BUT if you want to build a steady clientele list, start hunting them directly. Keep your portfolio ready and start searching. Contact web designing service agencies and drop in your ‘interest’ to join them. It will help to gain experience. Contact businesses and drop in your offer to develop their business website.

          There are many ways to go around this. Spend some time in trial and error, and you will know what works best for you.

          I hope this helps.

  12. Hi Chitraparna,

    I am new to freelancer world from Delhi Area. I just started searching assignments in couple of months back.

    I have gone through all the sites mentioned by you (specially and Thats really a good list.

    But, What I found, all sites having too much bidding and price wars.
    Everybody is struggling to snatch the work at lowest price and short selling and all. Competition is too high to get an assignment.

    And moreover, I have to search a lot over these sites to get relevant work in Java. and still I didn’t get any work assignment till now.

    I have 8 years of relevant experience in Java/J2EE and related technologies. and looking for some part time/work from home type job.

    I want to get rid all of these day-to-day snatching and searching of work.
    Do you have some genuine and relevant site or information where can I get the work from home assignment to start it immediately.
    you can also mail me, if possible.

    As per your all thread replies, suggestions and work experience, I believe you are the best person to guide me here Chitraparna.

    Please help me from what to start and where to start !!!

    • Hi Gaurav,

      I will tell you the same thing as I tell other freelancers. The freelance marketplaces are good for new or those with little experience in freelancing as a “first” step”. Freelancers who started working with these sites in its early years will always have the advantage over others.

      As you rightly pointed out, there is a lot of price war and competition. People are short selling their skills, which is ruining the whole freelancing industry.

      Coming to you, 8 years is a lot of experience. I won’t recommend these freelancing marketplaces to you. I am sure you have made a lot of contacts in the last 8 years, why not re-initiate those contacts, let them know you are open to freelancing and get projects?

      You can also prepare your portfolio and drop it with India-based or international agencies who seek people with experience in Java. Of course, you have to locate such companies yourself and Google search is a good place to start.

      Moot point – go for DIRECT clients.

      It will give you better response.

      I hope this helps.

    • if you need a jobs contact me to my id skype constantin_dascalu
      to discuss more details

  13. I believe you screwed up with my post and deleted it. no worries.
    because i have written the reality here. 🙂 right. I believe you realize it.
    you are helping all others why not me.

    • I do understand your frustration Gaurav but one cannot expect instant replies. Every comment is held under moderation, read and replied, which I did just now. A bit of patience always help.

  14. Dear Chitraparna Sinha

    Hope you are fine.

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    The Shopper fees is also very lucrative, if you are Interested or Help us by providing freelancers some or other way it would be great.

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  15. Hi, Chitraparna Sinha, Actually I am pursuing B.Tech. From one of the famous NIT of India. We have a lot of time here which goes unused. So I was planning for freelancing my skills… I am good at management, communication and writung skills… Though I have signed up with… But wanted you to suggest how can I improve myself to compete with others out there. I currently do not posses any so called certification. .or portfolio.. so could you please suggest how can I cope up with all this ?

    • Hi Rahul,

      There are a lot of ways you can utilise the free time and freelance writing is one of the best ways. It is tough to get projects from freelance marketplaces for a new freelancer because there is a lot of competition and clients prefer experience. But, do not lose heart.

      Apart from oDesk, sign up on other freelancing sites and apply to projects regularly. Be specific about what you can deliver. Don’t claim to deliver what you can’t deliver. You might have to accept lower rates in the beginning but if your freelancing skills are great, you can accelerate the income speedily.

      Keep bidding on projects.

      All the best!

  16. Hello Ms Chitraparna Sinha
    I am saikrishna from Andhra Pradesh
    I had 1.6 Years of experience in HTML5,CSS3 and in Drupal.
    I am new to the freelance and I registered in worknhire,please guide me how to get the projects?
    which is the best website to join for my skills?

    • Hello Sai,

      Welcome to the freelancing world.

      Every freelance marketplace has a dedicated section on technology; therefore, you can join any site you want in this list and some others like oDesk and Guru.

      Getting projects is tough. It depends on your experience and skills. Of course, the budget of the client matters too. I would advise you to be regular with bidding on projects. Understand what the client wants. Never ever send generic covering letter or project proposals. They are easy to detect and any client rejects generic project proposals.

      Keep the project costs competitive.

      I hope this helps. All the best.

      • Thank you very much for spending valuable time of you on replying on my post,
        I will sincerely follow your directions and If I get any project proposal My first “Thanks” goes to you.

  17. Hi Chitra,

    I am currently working as a Team Leader in e-publishing company. I have experience in Proofreading and Transcriptions type of work. Apart from this, for past 7 years I am working with BPO. I have enough experience in callings, both Inbound and Outbound. I have spoken with people living in different countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Dubai. I can understand their accent very well and can communicate easily.

    Also have knowledge in Data Entry work.

    I am searching freelancer job so that I can earn using my extra time after regular office hours. I have searched Virtual Call Centre jobs but most of these have Geographical restriction and mostly hiring US citizens. Do you know anything available in India?

    I also checked Data Entry jobs. Lots are available in India, but either have to pay good amount as registration fees or have to invest initially. There are websites which pays for clicking on ads, but it’s really very very less money.

    Do you think these skills are enough to get any freelancer job?

    Could you please help me?


  18. Hello Chitraparna
    I am new to freelancing. I am learning languages to work as freelancer.Butit is taking much time to learn.I will learn languages that is for sure but are there any other jobs on this site which I can
    do without any special programming skills.

  19. Hello,

    I want to work as freelancer for mobile developments so can u help me about how mobile apps will get me?

  20. I have some work, and I need a freelancer who know to make Linux programs, php, sh files and webpages, iptables html tables, contact me if interested, thanks

  21. Would like to use this forum to introduce PayTabs, a payment gateway service that we intend to launch early next month. One of our services is invoicing for small/medium software development firms. We can enable you to receive international payments into your account in India. Please do feel free to visit our site or get in touch with me

    • Hi Anis, heard about PayTabs for the first time. Can it replace PayPal? Since most freelancers and clients use PayPal, does the client need to create an account with PayTabs for sending payment or does it work like PayPal?

  22. Hi author,
    I have 3 years of experience on web application development, I’m interested to work in freelancer.

    Could you please help me, what should i do know if i need work?

    • If you’re venturing into the freelancing sphere, I encourage you to sign up on various freelance marketplaces and apply to projects. Not only the sites mentioned in this list but international sites like oDesk and Guru. They have strong tech sections with plum projects. Have you already taken this route?

  23. Hi Chitraparna Sinha,
    I want to know any best freelancing site, which gives work fast as per my skills.
    because i need projects as a freelancer, so please suggest me. and i have also done blogging, article writing. So any better option for me
    please help me.

      • No, Chitra.
        I have not created a portfolio yet.
        Can you please suggest me some better portfolio and send me some samples?
        If you have your portfolio than please send me, this is better for me.

        I am waiting.


        • Hi Yogesh,

          Start making a portfolio now. It is VERY important. You can do a Google search to find some portfolio samples BUT do not copy them. USe your creativity and create a portfolio.

          Once it is created, create accounts on the freelancing sites listed in this article and other sites like oDesk and Guru. A portfolio is a must requirement.

          I hope this helps.

  24. Hi Chitraparna,

    Nice to know about you and your great initiative to share knowledge on freelancers. I have 6 yrs experience in core HR and now I am looking for freelancing assignments in HR. Can you help me to explore the possibilities.

    Kind Regards’

    • Hi Vaidehi, HR is a really great freelancing option. All you need is a good system setup at home and work towards building good contacts. Have you started contacting potential hirers?

      • Hi Chitraparna,

        Thanks for your reply. I am trying to explore the possibilities through internet. I have contacts but not many in HR. So can you suggest me how shall I approach potential hirers?

        Kind Regards’

        • Hi Vaidehi,

          If you’re just starting out, I recommend you to check out the sites in the list. Sites like WorkNHire have good options in HR. Check out the Administration section or just search the site.

          Select good projects that will help you to grow. You have worked in the private sector and you know how deals work. When a client posts a project, it will attract a number of bidders, including you. You can improve chances of acceptance by offering competitive rates and a good project pitch. Never ever send generic covering letter / project bid pitch as they are rejected instantly. Be clear about what services you can offer and select according to your best skills. Most importantly, never stop making contacts online.

          I hope this helps.

  25. Hi Chitraparna,

    Its wonderful to see so many are up for freelancing and the help you extend to them. I have been working for nearly 10 yrs now. 5 Years in production & industrial marketing and rest 5 years I had been teaching in an MBA college. Now as I have joined my full time PhD, I feel that I can take out some time from by schedule to do something with my experience in the freelancers’ world.
    I would be very happy if you could suggest me some way ahead.


  26. Hi Chitraparna,

    Is there any limit on articles to be submitted to Ayushveda, if the writer is selected?

    Thank You.

  27. Hi Chitraparna,

    Could you suggest any good freelancing sites in India for Content writing, cretaive writing, etc??

    Thank you for your time.


  28. Dear mam,
    I am new in the field of freelancing world. May you guide me to earn a little cash form this job.

      • Dear Mam,
        I also am willing to work on Data Entry, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint Projects, Short Article on Environmental Issues, Current Affairs, etc. If there is any other work like that, I may do. I can not find the 9 freelancing site in India as per heading of your blog “List of 9 Freelancing Sites in India”. Please guide me.
        Thanks and Regards

        • Dear Sajal, the list of sites given on this post will help you a lot to start with…I didn’t understadn what you meant by ” I can not find the 9 freelancing site in India as per heading of your blog”: all you need to do is share the post on any of the social media buttons given and get access. It’s simple.

      • HI , I heard about freelancing but never tried . I had 4 years experience in ASP.Net,can anybody suggest me any good site and area to work will be very thankful

  29. HI , I heard about freelancing but never tried . I have done MBA in finance & Marketing and fresher can anybody suggest me any good site and area to work will be very thankful

  30. Im new in freelancer…nd im little bit confused.. How to work with that..accounting is my profession.. I also work in excel

  31. Hi All,

    I am new to free lancing and i work as an oracle DBA having 7 yrs of experience in oracle DBA line. I am certified for OCA,OCP, OCE . Can someone guide me the good sites and the process and precautions to be taken to fetch a project and preform to my best in any process related tasks.


    • Dear Raja,

      You can try out the sites listed in this article. Apart from them, you can check out, and

      All freelance marketplaces offer projects in your expert area.

  32. Hello Chitraparna

    I am totally new for free-lancing but i am very passionate about the photography, could you please suggest me any website from where i can start my freelancing career.

    • Glad to know another photographer, Rahul.

      If you want to become a professional photographer, you need to follow an indirect approach. First, you can drop your portfolio to agencies that hire photographers. This applies both online and offline.

      Secondly, there are many Facebook groups where photographers are hired and photos are purchased. You need to search the social site.

      Lastly, create a website and promote it.

      I hope this helps.

  33. It will be a pleasure to work in any project that I can prove my experience in graphics design. I will do my best untill the customer get 100% satisfied.

    Unlimited revisions of each design utill the customer get 100% satisfied.

    Design Templates of Websites, graphics designer for Personalized gifts, logos, cards, any type of ads, in Photoshop, Coral Draw & Icon, Illustration .

    Please out of check my work portfolio :

  34. Hello Every One,

    i have visited some free lancer website where i got registered but they are asking for subscription charges to become gold member to get job so why they provides free registration.
    without becoming gold member i cant get any job from that site.

    could any please give me any websites name where i dont spend any amount and get jobs

    please reply me as soon as posible.
    i any have jobs regarding web designing,windows app develpment,data entry,HTML,Web application development please contact me.

  35. Greetings Chitraparna Sinha,
    We have registered a IT Company in 2013 which is for dealing with cloud platform, especially on Salesforce (Paas) platform. We at Advaith are technically fit, but lacking in fetching the projects. So, currently we have turned to freelancing of Salesforce projects. Can you suggest anything regard to fetch the projects from clients/ freelancing hosts.

    Advaith Team

    • Hello Mallesh,

      Every solution is unique to the problem. The company approach to potential clients, looking at the wrong place, unfair pricing…there are a host of possible reasons why the company is not getting any work.

      If you’re interested, I can work as a consultant with your company. Please reach me via the contact form placed on the website and we can take it from there.


  36. I have no experience in freelancing. can you please help me…
    I have decided to have this freelancing job as a full time career of mine.
    and i need guidline from you for i want to start freelancing in the field of data entry initially,.

  37. Hi Chitraparna,

    I have been doing freelance writing for 3 years. Initally I started with InstaStudio but since the site shut down, I have been writing for BornRich a Canadian Blog site (which initially was with Instastudio) and Daksh Content from Hyderabad.

    I just wanted to enquire if I could venture into creating my own blog. I have travelled all over India and can do quality travel writing. Should I create my own blog which can be a source of income too in the long run
    Lovnish Thakur

    • Hi Lovnish,

      Creating a blog is a recommended step. My blog is an example for you. I get clients through this blog. For instance, you can check out the Hire Me page on my blog.

      Similarly, create a blog that best expresses your writing style. Publish a portfolio / sample articles. Write for the targeted market and when you approach clients directly, give them your blog link as “sample”.

      I hope this helps.


  38. Hi, I am freelance content writer. I can write for articles, blog, PR, website content. Can u help me provide some genuine writing projects.


  39. Hi Chitraparna,
    I am interested in the field of freelancing (writing to be precise or related to my subject knowledge) and want to explore the ins and outs of it.
    I am a Mathematics postgraduate and I want to pursue a career that involves both creativity and my subject knowledge to create something unique but unfortunately lack the sense of direction in which in which I should embark myself.
    I hope you can give me some insight.

    Himanshi Sharma

  40. Dear Chitraparna,
    I am a full time employee and want to explore work from home options by freelancing. I am a biotech student and have around 10 years of work experience in diagnostics industry. I am looking for work from options due to family responsibilities. I am already doing some rewriting work for a company in Mumbai but would like to explore more options. I do not know how to start and whom to contact to get into regular medical writing freelancing. Pls guide

    Thanks and Regards

    • Hello Meenal,

      You should try out the sites listed in this post. They work well. Or, you can do a Google search of Indian companies looking for medical freelance writers. There are many takers.

      See, no one can guide you with a specific contact with whom you can get in touch. I wish it could be so but it doesn’t happen. You have to create your own leads / prospects and honestly, a lot of hours goes into this. Still, it’s worth all the effort.

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  43. Dear Chitraparna,
    I am a full time employee and to work on freelancer jobs at home online.I am having experience in data entry,web search and pdf conversions tasks.I have applied around 40 proposals in freelancer in site.But i didn’t receive any response from any one.How to approach this kind things.Please suggest me.

  44. Hi Chitraparna,

    I dont want to continue my office any more. I am a MIS executive and MS excel expert, so can I be a freelancer? if yes – how? from where I will start ? Can you please help me step by step in details. I am from kolkeata, and i want to earn money form home.

    • Hello Surajti,

      Freelancing is open for everyone. Even architects and scientists are choosing to freelance these days because of its endless benefits.

      The first thing you need is experience, to get good projects. You can start with sites like,, and

      Check out these categories and see if MIS and allied services are part of their system. If yes, sign up with the sites and start bidding on projects.

      If you have any specific question, feel free to ask because “how to go about freelancing” is a huge subject. There is no single answer to that. It depends on your situation.

  45. Hellow ,
    I’m very new to freelancer.
    I don’t have experience lik freelancer.
    Please help me how to get project and bido on project.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Anupam,

      Welcome to the world of freelancing. Experience is necessary to get good freelancing projects but you have to begin somewhere. So I recommend and for this. Visit these sites and check out their list of freelancing categories. You may find what you want to freelance about.

  46. Hello,
    I also registered as a new freelancer a month ago in but felt lot of fake scammers around. Dont know how far is the site safe.Very difficult to choose jobs devoid of scam.Can somebody help

    • Hi Smitha,

      I am not sure what you meant by fake scammers. Sites like work in escrow model. If a client selects your bid, the client has to pay the project fees in advance. Fakers won’t pay and hence, you don’t suffer.

      • For exsmple They would have listed for data entry from pdf to excel once my bid is accepted. It won’t be data entry instead I will be asked to get into obseen sites.very difficult to judge the genuine ones. I was also harassed for xxx related

  47. Hi,

    Nice to get some quality information from you. Honestly, getting orders from bidding sites are becoming tougher day by day. Can you name a few websites from where I can get regular stuffs just by registering or even by paying some also. Bidding is not good for all the time. For the last 10 years I’m into the Freelance Content Writing and mostly write for some specific clients and Universities. I need some non bidding sites.

    Will wait to get a reply from you.


    • Hi Saikat,

      There is a lot of competition in bidding sites. Most of the time, clients opt for cheaper rates and compromise on quality.

      Check out the Services section on In this site, you can create a list of services you provide and clients contact you directly. There is no bidding involved. Hope this helps.

  48. i must say is the best among all.. I have used most of them but Freelancer Circle is very users friendly.

  49. At present I have no experience in this freelancing, but I’m looking forward to accept freelancing as a means of earning. All I need is some guidance and help from a person who is or was a freelancer, because only he/she can provide me with some real help. And as you have stated above you have experience in freelancing so I guess you can help me through this. Thanks.

  50. Hi, Im on Elance from last 4 months no one give me the any project and my profile also good and i have creative portfolio also . which is the best and user frndly for graphics designer

  51. Hey Chitraparna,
    I am new to this freelancer world.. but i want to connect with it… wanna do freelancer work like text making and data entry… can you help me which site i should choose to … i don’t know how to start with but wanna do it for purpose of earning… so please help me…

  52. Thanks.. Very informative post. I recently came across Looks like a very professional portal for outsourcing. You could try and find out more about it and publish the information.

  53. Hello everyone , i am new to this platform.I have been working for a company in Hyderabad but i am not really happy and contended (from deep within).I want some assistance here.I want to work my own , with a group sharing a same talent platform.I draw well , i love colors , but not a professional designer/painter.If taught i am ready to learn.

    • Hi Pramod,

      If you’re interested in designing, you need to practice it or join a course or work on some online tutorials.

      Freelancing is a good way to earn extra money or make it a full time career but you need to have skills. Build on your skills and then start freelancing.

  54. Hi Chitraparna I am new comer in freelancing.I have an experienced team members of Data Entry
    which are capable to complete any type data entry with in given TAT.
    If you have any types of Typing, Conversion Projects or assignments please forwarding me.

  55. Hello
    I am a new mom and left my career..looking to start freelancing(content writing)your blog is very informative. .chanced upon ayushveda informatics and lekhaka. .no mention of them here..can I have your take on these two sites..regards

    • Hi Jyoti,

      Welcome to the freelancing world. I didn’t mentioned Ayushveda as they are de-functional and I heard a lot of negative reviews about them. Secondly, Lekhaka seems great…haven’t used personally but heard good things about it.

      • Thanks Chitraparna…Coincidentally Ayushveda is the first website I chanced on on my search for freelancing jobs…wrote a few articles and got them published. .they look operational. .however awaiting the first payment. .only then will decide to continue or not with them. .

        • I don’t remember exactly but someone on this post did comment that Ayushveda didn’t pay the person’s earnings for months and finally, the person left it. I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

          BTW, are you in New Delhi?

  56. Nice work Chitraparna and thanks… it helped me a lot other way. I am planing to come up with my own site for freelancers. And from your list I got to know the requirements, loopholes and plus points of other sites for comparison. Thank you very much and hope my site will also come in your listing in near future.

  57. You should create a similar updated list for sites and mobile apps for 2015. You can also try Hirenodes, a new company with mobile only presence to connect freelancers to companies and vice-versa. App:

  58. Am not getting any work in Data Entry Skills. Could you please help me for the same ?
    I will be highly obliged. thank you

    • Shikher,

      Data entry is very redundant, to be very honest. Where have you tried getting work? Are you showing your skills? Are you not getting responses from clients the first time itself or are the deals falling out in between?

      Let me know.

      • Dear Mam,
        I tried at freelancer, odesk, elance etc.Yes everywhere i show my skills. There is no need to hide any talent or skill. I have not yet entered into any deal, i do not get any response from the client.
        I always mention my experience too (2 years in data entry, Ms excel, Quality Analyst etc).

        • These sites have too much competition and the number of registered freelancers is more than the number of projects on offer and secondly, often companies hire the “cheapest” bid on offer.

          I can only say that you should keep trying and take note on how you approach clients with bids. Don’t copy paste proposals.

          • I agree that there is a lot of competition. I never copy anyone’s proposal, even we cant copy the proposal submitted by other bidder as it is available only to owner of the project.
            Yes i will keep trying my luck 🙂 If not today, i can make it to other day.

          • I meant don’t copy paste your own proposal to every client. You should never do that because a client can easily understand it. A client always needs a customised proposal.

  59. Hey! Chitraparna..

    Thanks for this nice list of freelancing sites..i have already joined freelancer, worknhire and youth one…though i am waiting for my first project.

    As you have experience on freelancing, can you give me some tips on it? I am interested in writing freelancing jobs..

    I have a blog too.. “Morichikar Chaya”..
    I hope that adds a value to my skills..

    • Hi Arundhati, welcome to the freelance writing world. I can surely share a lot of tips. I run the “Art of Freelancing” newsletter coaching series free of cost. You can sign up for that through the blog form on the blog. These newsletters are sent just once-a-week with loads of information.

      • Thanks, i just signed up. 🙂

        I want to know an info on As they pay through paypal, they need my credit/debit card it safe to give them? Our banks here say not to give any details of card to others. Thats, why i am asking.

        • Hi Arundhati,

          Sites like are reputed sites so you can share credit/debit details. Or, you can sign up with Payoneer and receive funds. Payoneer is much better than PayPal in their exchange rates. If PayPal is paying $1 = 58 INR, Payoneer pays $1 = 62 INR. To use Payoneer, you need to give bank details (no credit / debit) to Payoneer only and when you use marketplaces like odesk etc, just select Payoneer as payment option. Payoneer sign up link –

          • Hey! thanks for the link. I signed up but at the last moment, it said to log in again. Though i got a mail from them saying that details are with them and they will confirm it. So, shall i wait or should i sign up again?

  60. Hi Chitra,

    am new one to freelancing world.I m from India.can u suggest me which site is best?dnt give me rush websites.I have to start my career as a web developer or content writing.plz suggest me.

    Thanks in advance.

  61. Hi,
    As our discussion was sign in truelancer.till now I didn’t get any project.I want to mention other skills like Data Warehousing and Data please suggest me… to get project easily.invited freelancers also.but didn’t get any project.kindly plz help me…how to get project immediately.


  62. Hi Chitra,
    I made a mistake in great confusion I clicked post projects instead of find projects.I received plenty of proposals from truelancer?how will ignore those?

  63. Hi Chitraparna,

    I like your post, this is really helpful. I’m also thinking to start freelancing. It would be so nice of you if you can provide some guidance to me.


  64. Hello,
    Dolancing ( is a new freelance website. It offers you to work & hire at very low monthly subscriptions. It is launched few months back and is fast growing community.

    Do check it out!

  65. Could anyone please specify a freelancing site that works similar to WorkNHire? I’m a writer on WorkNHire. But, I’m in search of an Indian site which is similar. I mean…a site that pays via NEFT in INR as in WorkNHire.

  66. I am going to write a candid objective VERIFIABLE review for this company based on my actual experience with them


    I am a biz consultant based in California with biz interests in USA and India. We have a long standing relationship with Odesk now Upwork since the last 10 years and are very pleased with the quality of service. Recently i ventured to try Worknhire


    I awarded the project to one of the contractors. I had questions on the process. Their contact numbers either kept ringing or was not in service. Sent a request through their contact form on web site no response Sent another e mail no response. Made a request for NEFT transfer no response. had my contractor also try all these avenues, he also had no response




    Neil Advani

  67. Hi Chitra,

    I have 1.5 year experience of technical writing and 2 years of experience in matlab software. I am looking for freelancing jobs. Plz suggest me some good sites where i can apply.
    Also, i wonder, if i complete some work given and submit the work. The employer checks out or uses the details but declare like he is not satisfied with the work, then whether will i be paid for this?? I am worried about the payment mode and also whether there is any risk of cheating.
    Plz help, its urgent.

    • Mandy,

      Your problem is something experienced by every freelancer. There are clients who can actually use your work but to avoid payment, they say that the work is not upto the standard.

      What you should always do is sign a MOA or contract, even if it’s a small job. The contract should say, among other things, that if the client rejects the work, the client should specifically state the reason for rejection. It works. I also add a rider than if the payment isn’t sent in the agreed number of days, I add a interest rate, like 5% on every day delayed.

  68. Hi my name is Juber, I am from Crescendo Transcription Pvt Ltd.
    Crescendo Transcription Pvt Ltd is leading transcription service provider in India and offers work from home opportunity for women, housewives, freshers and for students (who want steady income while learning).
    If you would like to join us – do mail me your profile at:, or simply call me : 9158437931,

    You can even know more about us at :

  69. Hi,
    I tried signing up for and the only issue I see is that this site talks about Premium services and free registration will take 15-20 days! This sounded very discouraging to me so I will be taking this off from my list.

    Thanks for making this list for freelancers and aspiring freelancers.


    • Hi Kamalraj,

      Good luck on other freelancing sites. Paid membership isn’t bad. After all, they also need to pay bills like you do, and one has to work together to create a “beneficial for all” working ecosystem.

  70. This is really informative. I have been searching online for an effective system.I think this is the one. thank you so much! More power to you and to your site.

  71. I am a fresher and i want to work as a freelancer. I am a arhitect and 3d designer for houses. I signup for, but i havn’t got any project beacuse i am a fresher on the site. I have a 4 year experience. Please help me friends what to do to get work online and earn money. I am from Punjab (India).
    If any one can interested i can work with him.
    please call me or you can see my work I have a facebook page ”
    if any one can help me to get the work please message me on my page.

  72. Hi Chitraparna,

    Thank you for the valuable information you have provided. I have explored some of these sites.

    Worknhire may not prove satisfactory for experienced writers, for the rate/article is quite low. However, freshers can get plenty of experience because several projects are placed every day.

    WSession – The domain is up for sale

    Freelancer Circle is weird.

    It was the first site I registered for. You are permitted free/paid membership. Obviously, everyone will take up free membership in the initial stage. I placed several bids. No response for weeks, making me feel that others had been selected for the projects. This was not the case. Weeks after placing any bid, I would still receive emails stating something like, “Another user has placed a bid on this project. Compare your bid.”

    I think you are awarded projects only if you take paid membership. Or, maybe the website is not genuine.

    Also, I noticed a lone writer with a good rating, and who seemed to have done over 20 or 40 projects (do not remember the exact number). He had paid membership and seemed to be bidding for many projects. The rest listed below his name, were all “free” members.

    Anyway, I requested customer service several times to delete my account. They have not bothered. I am still getting mails about comparing bids!

  73. Hello Chitra,

    I saw your article about freelancing it’s very good and informative.

    I am a housewife and just now exploring freelancer for any jobs related to accounts,data entry, form filling etc.Can you please suggest me which site i choose first to register and search jobs related to the mention field.

  74. We are offering Doctors Job in India, We urgently require Doctors Job in reputed hospitals and Medical Colleges in Delhi/NCR and Pan India. Register with us today and we ensure that you are rightly placed in the best medical colleges and hospitals.

  75. Hai!
    I am looking for (interior & exterior) designer jobe in 3ds max with v-ray software as a (freelancer)in India.

    So how to search I am looking for my related experience (freelancer jobe) online.

    I am 4- years experience in this field.

    Any related website’s to my professional experience.

    Please reply

  76. The Truelancer is a really trust-able marketplace, which will be blast all around an international digital working marketplace. Such a honest area only for trust-able truelancers.
    I got an job via truelancer as a virtual assistant.

  77. Hi I am Geetanjali from Bangalore having 5 yrs of experience in SEO and SMO….looking for projects in freelancer basis ….can anyone tell how i can get projects?


    • HI Geetanjali, create your freelancing profiles on the listed sites. Join Truelancer and you can find me with my name. Or, drop me your Truelancer profile link. I will get in touch with you regarding projects.

  78. I come across with an awesome site called ‘’ newly launched but nice UI and good use of Data analytic with ‘Know your estimation feature’ to provide free estimation based on AI and machine learning.

  79. is a freelance jobs portal please post your project.

    IT Work Lab offers this online platform, in which freelancers and employers can be matched and connected according to the skills of the first and the demands of the latter. The usage of this platform is entirely free of charge. A rating system in which both sides can rate and write references about each other’s impressions after their service relationship is concluded, provides for the safeguarding of high standards of quality on both the freelancers’ and the employers’ side.

  80. Hi! This is Anshu

    Recently I have started freelancing work and need some clients for more work. I will ensure to those people who can trust me and give me an opportunity to complete their requirements, they will not never disappoint at any point of time. Work will be complete on time with accuracy.

    Kindly read this comments and contact on this email id and contact number

  81. I am a freelance writer and was looking for some freelance projects. Then I came across this blog where they have listed out websites for getting freelance writing work. I visited few of these sites and found them to be quite useful. Thank you so much for the list

  82. New startup in INDIA – Marketplace for Freelancing Work

    Invites freelancer to post their microjobs

    The disadvantage in many of the microjob freelancing marketplace is the fixed pricing system.

    Major difference between and other microjob site is the flexibility in pricing. It means seller can post their Mjob with their own pricing between Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000.

    Sellers have the options to charge extra for each added services.

    Payment Method

    Payment will credited after 7 days of the Mjob delivery when the status turns to complete. Money will be credited via

    Bank Transfer – 2 to 3 business days
    PayUmoney – Instant Transfer

  83. Thanks for listing freelance websites, most of the students are looking to do an online job at home, and also this article can be useful for job seekers, I am going to start a job because my monthly income is not sufficient to manage my monthly expenses, keep doing this great work and keep sharing.

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