1. Hi Avadhut,

    Domestic transfer will depend on the associated marketplace. For instance, is an Indian freelance marketplace and they have partnered with Payoneer to release payments.

    You need to talk to your vendor / marketplace whether they have partnered with Payoneer or not. If not, either you or they can recommend themselves. Payoneer will check their credentials and if everything works out fine, they will be added to Payoneer’s approved merchant list.

    Hope this helps.

  2. SCAM….BEWARE……….

    I created an account with payoneer few days back. I got approval after 24 hours and now when i tried to log in to send an invoice to my customers in usa, my password is incorrect. I thought i might have forgotten which is very rare to happen in such a delicate matter. I tried resetting my password. It ask me to enter bank details, DOB, email, Date of incorporation etc which i did and it went through – Last i see another screen “verify security question” I don’t recall setting security question…..

    The most intersting part – i called out of usa customer care number –

    Outside the United States* (6:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
    1-646-658-3695 x2

    A lady pick up the phone and after she pulled up my account she said- “IN ORDER TO REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT YOU NEED TO RECEIVE FUND OR ADD FUND”

    Now can anyone tell me – Why would i request money on my blocked or disabled account.

    Ridiculous !!! Beware guys…

  3. I have finally received payment through Payoneer and it was really fast.
    For $50, I payed $2.50 fees to PayPal, whereas in Payoneer I only payed $1.11 for $55.6.

    It proves, they take less fees. Soon I am also going to update my post with this data.

  4. Hey Chitraparna,

    I landed on your blog from your comment on my blog.
    Payoneer I have never tried but after reading your review I found I can save some $’s by using payoneer in place of Paypal.
    I will surely give a try for it.


  5. Hey Chitraparna,
    Great piece of information.
    It is first time on your blog and love to read this post. Especially I love the font and theme you have used here.
    Actually it is my first time when I have read about Payoneer. I never use this one but after reading it, I think it is more suitable for online transactions and saving some money.
    Thanks a lot for your kind share.
    Have a great time.

    • Hi Naveen,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll keep visiting. You can sign up for my newsletter for updates. Have you created an account with Payoneer and done some transactions?

      How was your experience? Do share.

  6. Hi Chitraparna,

    Thanks for the informative article with illustrations. In the last sentence you say that you would prefer Payoneer on portals and PayPal for payments from individuals, if you could explain reasoning for this it would be of great help.


    • Surely, Venkat.

      See, Payoneer is for Business-to-Business and PayPal caters to Business-to-customer.

      For instance, if you work with me and I operate as an individual and not company, I will send you payment via PayPal; however, if I am a company and listed with Payoneer, I will send via Payoneer.

      It’s best if you keep both options open.

      Couple of months later, Payoneer will begin its credit card system too so you can get payments via credit card…like I, as an individual, can pay you via my credit card.

      Hope this clarifies your query.

      If not, do ask.

  7. Hi Chitraparna,

    Since I used to have an international debit card from Payoneer (having worked at, I too received an invitation from Payoneer for two functions/parties at Mumbai, last month. But, I sent them an e-mail for some enquiries and got a negative response. They said, my oDesk-Payoneer account was not going to work. They said, they’re not going to enable any oDesk users’ Payoneer accounts. How bad! So, I didn’t attend. They also told me they weren’t going to activate the Payoneer debit card for anyone in India.

    Twice, I asked them what do I need to do to use Payoneer, but they didn’t respond to this question at all. So, it’s like Payoneer is useless for me. My old Payoneer account (which I can still login to Payoneer, with), is not of any use. I can’t open a new account, or I don’t know what else I need — since they didn’t respond to that question.

    What do you suggest? Did you get a new Payoneer account? Or, your old one started working to withdraw the money to your bank account?

    • Hi Raspal,

      How are you?

      I am going to attend to your concerns one by one.

      1) oDesk – Payoneer: Both does work together unless they are having any internal issue with oDesk.

      2) Payoneer Debit Card – This feature closed down in 2010 and due to RBI regulations, they will be unable to reinitiate it…so if you have the debit card, it’s of no use now.

      As you may know, Payoneer is B2B and by year end (tentatively), the credit card payments will begin so one can use that.

      3) Your Payoneer Account – I am not aware if there’s a difference between old and new Payoneer accounts as I didn’t have one way back and my account is new. If you already have an active Payoneer account, you can use it. To use it, you can either sync automatically like I did with one portal (RevenueHits) or send the client your account details (US bank account and routing number) visible in the Payoneer dashboard.

      If you’ve any doubts, please ask.

  8. Does payoneer also having the feature of auto withdrawal?
    if we doesn’t request for withdraw? For how much time money will be in the account?
    they sent me mail that they need atleast 49.9$ for withdraw. So if it is less than that it will be in the account or it will be processed for auto withdraw?

    Thank you

    • Hi Hemanth,

      Whatever amount is there in your account is auto-withdrawn every day due to RBI guidelines. You don’t need to place a withdrawal request unless you really want to.

      Amounts are transferred to your bank account within 48 hours. Once I received the same day!

  9. Hi chitraparna,
    i have two queries:
    1)can i transfer usd amount into a USD link account with an indian account
    2)can the payoneer card be used for international purchases

    • Hi Prateek,

      1) Please be specific with the question – didn’t understand.

      2) The Payoneer card won’t work now as the RBI stopped its operations in 2010.

  10. My payment was rejected by bank, due to: beneficiary bank revert the max limit of balance is 50000 INR.
    I have created a support ticket. Please answer me.

    Reference Number: 150707-000160
    Reference Number: 150706-004333

    • Dear Rohit,

      This is really unfortunate and you’ve to contact your bank for sorting it out. It means that Payoneer made the payment successfully but your bank rejected it because your savings account has a maximum per transaction limit of 50,000 INR. Please talk to you bank and increase this limit.

  11. Facing lot of problem with Payoneer payments to my India Bank account since I changed my bank details with them. They are trying to transfer the funds to my new bank account since 16th July but until today no success. They have no answer whatsoever, payments are piling up at their end and as per RBI guidelines they will not be able to hold the funds more than seven days but that limit will be over tonight. They say that there is some technical error which is not allowing them to transfer the funds. I will advice my fellow affiliates from India to avoid changing their Indian Bank account details with Payoneer as they will end up scratching the walls like me.

    • Dear Paramjit,

      Saw your comment today; I wasn’t logging in for a while. Is the issue solved? Please update. If not, I will get you in touch with the team internally.

      • Today morning I called them and I was told that they will transfer the funds withing 24 hours. Crossing my fingers, will update if got lucky otherwise I would like you to take up the matter with them internally. Regards

  12. Hi Chitraparna,
    As I wrote in my last comment that they promised me payment within 24 hours but again nothing happenned, my Euro balance went into RED like everyday and Disabled. It is happenning everyday and they do not answer your emails at all. When you call them, they will put you on hold for about 5-8 minutes and then only one answer that concerned department is looking into this matter and they will contact me as soon as they will have any update for me.
    Things do not work like this and we did not signed up for Payoneer to see such days. We have to pay our bills also, Affiliate payments is the only source of income for affiliate like me and 200-300 Euros are good money in India. I can’t wait forever for the payment and call them everyday or beg them to pay me my hard-earned money while they keep lying to me everyday.
    I hope you understand very well my concern and anger. If you can talk to them internally and take up this matter on my behalf than I’ll be very thankful to you. Otherwise I have no other option but to approach the complaints authority of Reserve Bank of India who gave them re-entry in Indian market.
    Paramjit Singh

    • Paramjit,

      Is your Payoneer login email the same as you’re using to comment here? If not, please let me know. I have already taken this up with the team internally and they will look into your account.

    • Paramjit,

      I hope the issue is sorted. I raised the issue internally and there was a technical glitch. They will contact you personally. I apologise on their behalf for all the troubles caused and hope you will continue using Payoneer.

      • No, the problem still remains. My Euro Balance is still in Red and disabled. Few of the payments sent more than a week ago from few affiliate networks based in Europe are missing or not visible at all. Why can’t they transfer the funds manually if their auto payment system is showing error. I need a permanent solution of this problem.

        • Okay, I will talk to them agaim. The team said it was a technical glitch on their part; your account has no this should have been sorted by now. Give me a couple of hours. We have a 12-hour timezone difference between us.

        • Paramjit.

          Please check your email. One of our team members have personally contacted you. The transfer has been initiated along with an additional 50 Euro as a compensation for the delay.

          Let me know when you get your money.

          • Hi Chitraparna,

            First of all let me thank you for the efforts you’ve put behind in sorting out the problem with my account. I’m really grateful to you for taking my issue with great urgency. I’ve already received my stuck payments and what can I say about the compensation in form of EUR50! Thanks!
            I hope the payments will be smooth from now on. Payoneer is a great platform for affiliate marketeers like me living in India who face lot of problems when it comes to IBAN/BIC or sort code based payments offered by International Affiliate Networks and Payoneer has perfect solutions for that kind of need.

          • Dear Paramjit,

            Please don’t thank me. It was my duty to help, not because I am Payoneer (India) Ambassador but as a concerned citizen as well. Also, being in the same industry, it is again a part of my responsibility to contribute to the growth of this ecosystem.

            Payoneer is really a cutting-edge and stable platform to receive payments. We’re coming out with credit card processing by the end of the year hopefully and we’re testing the Payoneer app too. These two will really benefit the India users.

            If you’ve any problem in future, I am here.

  13. How long will it take to get approval for Indians? I’m thinking of creating an account to transfer my affiliate earnings but i have to change my payment method by the end of the month or i’ll not get payment next month!! Please tell me! Thank you!

    • Keerthan,

      If you fill all the account details correctly while signing up, it will take a maximum of 36 hours to approve your account. Make sure all the registration details are correct. Double-check before submitting. Once you initiate transfer from, the amount is there in your account within 48 hours.

  14. Hi Chitraparna,
    i am really amazed when i read your blog, very informative, smooth, user friendly and everything was clear. Most important is that all the visitors were so much satisfied. so much thanks, Chitraparna i am also facing a little problem. i operate online businesses and i sent my request for payoneer account. my account got approval and i was asked that my payoneer master debit card will reach within 22 july to 27 july. 27 july was optimum limit. now it is 1st august and my hands are still empty. i tried to contact the support center, but nothing happened, you are very helpful , i read all the vistors’ comments about your performance. please help me to resolve this issue. Regards

      • Thanks for you response, they said that it will be free delivery, i have no ticket number mam. however, i received following mail, i think it will be helpful for you to make a quarry about my case. i am from Pakistan.
        Dear Arbab Gul,
        Congratulations – your Payoneer account application has been approved!
        Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card has been shipped to you by: Regular Mail
        Your card is estimated to arrive between 20 Jul 2015 and 27 Jul 2015
        Accessing your account
        Account Username:
        Account Reference Number: 12803149

  15. Hi chitraparna,

    nice article. . Hey I want to open a payoneer account please tell me how much time it will take for verification first..
    Second, if I request withdrawal as payoneer auto withdraw money so how much does payoneer charge for transaction and how much SBI charge fo I have saving account in SBI.
    Please tell..
    Already using paypal
    Please reply me on my mail or just inform me that you have posted the solu. Here.. 🙂
    God bless..

    • Hi Joy,

      It takes about 48 hours for verification. The money is automatically withdrawn from your account at the end of each day. You don’t have to place withdrawal request like it happens in PayPal.

      Second, you’ll receive high conversion rate, which is again much much better than PayPal. The transaction charges are about $2-$3 per withdrawal – if you’re withdrawing $1000, only $3 is deducted and for comparison sake, if you withdraw $1000 from PayPal, you lose more than $25+ easily.

      SBI won’t charge anything. The withdrawn amount shown in your Payoneer dashboard will be the same as in the SBI account.

  16. And is there any yearly fees in payoneer.
    Please provide the exchange rate of payoneer.
    And does sbi charge for receiving fund from payo. If yes how much?

    • There are no yearly fees. It’s free to join and receive payment. The exchange rate is varied depending on the day’s exchange rate BUT guaranteed, it’s much higher than PayPal. You should definitely use Payoneer. The sign up link is given in the post.


        thank you so much for the super quick reply i must say .. 🙂

        you really cleared my all doubt related to payoneer, thanks a lot .. god bless yo .. T.C

        if i have any doubt related to payoneer i know where to ask .. 🙂

        Joy 🙂

  17. Hi Chitraparna ..

    I land up with two more questns..
    First payo. is a b to b service is there any problem if my client and I use payo. frequently. .?

    Second, like in paypal if we dont use it fo more than six months dy charge some amout, so is this condition applies with payo. also.?

    • Joy,

      For the client to send you money, the client’s company has to be white-listed by Payoneer. It’s a very simple process. Ask the client to signup with Payoneer and the staff will look into it. There is no problem if you’re paid frequently.

      There are no such charges of non-usage as of now.


    the client is already using the payo. and have its debit card, hes da one who suggested me payo. i think hes white listed and if hes not than we can blame payo. fo it LOL 🙂 cz he has payo. account. Actually i work in and as you know it took $5 minimum commission.

    • Joy,

      If he’s already whitelisted, no issues. sign up for your account and take your payments via Payoneer. The amounts will be automatically withdrawn from Payoneer account the end of every day and deposited in your bank account within 24-48 hours.

    Hopefully you are doing well, you asked me to remind you about the transit of my card within two to three days. mam still my hands are empty and i have recived no card. please help me. i am working on mentioned site and they are asking me to transfer my money in my account. now what i do ? please help me mam to resolve this issue. thanks

        i am pretty hopefull that you are doing well. there is an amazing news. i shared payoneer link on my FB account and one of my friend got his registration for this. believe me within 9 days his application approved by payoneer team and within the nine days he received his Master debit card at his home while i applied for my card a month ago and i don’t know where is my card. my referel person has received his cared very successfuly. i am doubted that my card has been lost. please help me to resolve this trouble please. they are not responding my mail and there is nothing here really. i am very disappointed. my clients daily asked me to send a payment link and i have no answers now. please help me CHITRAPARNA. i shall be very gratefull to you. thanks

  20. Hi Chitraparna,

    Great post!

    I did a test payment from my account to Payoneer for $8 and it’s been over 2 days and no money has been transferred to my bank account as of yet – and they promise a 24 hour turnaround time – I just want to be sure of this service before transferring over hundreds of dollars with them. I’ll appreciate your help in anyway. The email address here is the same one for my account.


  21. Hi mam,
    Hopefully you are doing well. mam what’s about my card delivery. i did not receive it yet. please do something. its my hamble request. please. they promised me that it will be delivered within 7 days. now more than 25 days are gone. please help me mam, thanks

    • Arbab, sorry I couldn’t get in touch earlier as I was on vacation. I think the card is lost in transit, by the courier company. You need to raise a request with Payoneer support and send me the request ticket number soon.

  22. Hi mam.
    Sorry. i was away from my laptop. I requested payoneer team for new card. they issued new card and i received it. very very thanks for your cooperation. i have a question. can i receive payments from paypall account to payoneer account. One of my friends have paypall account and he is willing to send me amount through his paypall account to my payoneer account. is it possible to receive such payments? i have activated my account and also US payment service. thanks

    • Hi Arbab,

      I am happy that you received the card finally. To answer your question, no, you can’t receive money from PayPal to Payoneer. You have to withdraw from PayPal only.

      If you have any other doubts, feel free to ask.

  23. Hi mam, i stuck in trouble again. i activated my payoneer card and try to log in. but it was not accepting my password while my password was accurate. i changed my password and then put it again. but it is not accepting. i am pretty sure that everthing was right. please let me know, what is issue mam. thanks


    i am not able to accept payment my client tried to pay me via other payoneer account but he didnt succeed ..please tell me my account status if you can , its really URGENT please help..

    please can we chat personally on google hangout . same id i used to create the payoneer account ..

      • My account is fresh and I created it just to accept money I didnt have any pending issues. And let me tell you I didnt receive any confirmation mail regarding my account activation from payo. Team ..after 2 days I loged in and found that hey, I can log into it. Can anybody tell them that mail didnt cost money so update your customer’s via mail.

        Chitraparna I have provide all the details they want SO WHY MY ACCOUNT IS NOT WORKING AND IF ITS NOT WORKING WHERE IS THE NOTIFICATION MAIL.

        I got my payment in my account within two minutes via Paypal and requested for withdrawal raight away..

        Please excuse my sarcastic tone, help me..


        • Hi Joy,

          You answered the question yourself. Perhaps your account isn’t activated yet. I would advice you to contact their Support. It takes about 48-72 hours to activate. If the time has already passed, the Support system will help.

          • Hi Chitaparna..,

            I know that I havnt got any confirmation mail , no confirmation mail no activation I know..

            But its been a month already droped mails but no reply thats y I thought may be its activated as 30 days are sufficient for verification ..

          • Joy, I think you should apply again.

            Step 1: Contact Support with the issue.
            Step 2: If Support doesn’t solve or there is delay, create an account again.

            I have raised the issue internally but I would want you to follow the protocol.

  25. Hello Chitraparna,

    I found your blog while searching for information about `Payoneer in India.’ I’d received an email from an overseas company for whom I work,stating that I would receive an extra $25 in my account (once the transaction crossed $100) if I opened an account with Payoneer by Thursday (today) night. I cannot say about others, but I received my confirmation within 20 minutes of receiving their `confirmation of application’ email. However, I did not find any mention of any `US and UK Bank Collections Account’ or any card details.

    Do I need to log into my account (have not done so after receiving their confirmation email) to get this information. It is really nice to see a company taking the initiative to have a local representative to sort problems of their clients.Hope to hear from you soon.



    • Hi Sanjay,

      You get an extra $25 when you sign up with someone’s link and get $25 after you earn the first $100. For example, if you would have signed up with the link I gave in this post, and earned $100, $25 would be credited to you.

      Since you’ve already applied, please wait for the account confirmation email. It’s an email stating whether your account is approved or not. Once approved, you can login and find details of the US and UK bank collections account.

      PS: Yes, I like to help through this blog but I am Payoneer (India) Brand Ambassador.

      • Hi Chitraparna,

        I’ve received all details including my US and UK bank collections once I logged in and set up my additional secret questions along with their answers. Thanks a lot once again.

        Cheers & Sunshine,


  26. Hi,

    So I tried linking my Fiverr Account to Payoneer, I’ve reached the stage where I was given instructions my email to sign up with Payoneer. What’s the procedure post that to link it to Fiverr?

    I don’t see an option, If I go back to Fiverr, it again sends me the same email. Please help.


    • Priyanka, when Fiverr instructs to sync with Payoneer, you login to Payoneer and the syncing is done. If it’s not happening, you need to contact Fiverr support. It’s probably an error at their end.

      • Well, Fiverr is not instructing anything as yet. Everytime I try connecting through Fiverr revenue card, it asks me if I need to apply to Payoneer. But since I’m already registered on Payoneer, I’m not sure why I’m stuck with this constant message with it asking me to “Apply now”.

        I’ve written to Payoneer customer care regarding this, no response as yet. Don’t understand why the process is so complicated and no one seems to be able to help. Guess i have no option but to stick to Paypal. 🙁

          • Thanks for replying but this isn’t a Fiverr issue, there are more than 2 submitted applications on Payoneer according to Fiverr. Fiverr can’t fix it from their end. I’m in touch with Payoneer but nothing has progressed from when I last wrote to you. Probably I should stick with Paypal, their process is hassle free.

  27. I and my Indian colleagues work together for some IT consulting work. Since I take care of mostly sales activity in EU and USA, so I want my name to be used for invoicing purpose. However all our account related things are managed by accountant in India. So far we are using Paypal which gave us this option. Now looking at the all highlighted benefits of Payoneer, we thought of creating an account which will show my name in invoicing but moved up the money to one of our Indian accounts.

    We placed 2 different requests in last 2 days and there is no response on approval of it. We hold our client to pay this month invoice through Paypal and we want to use Payoneer this time. Kindly approve it soon so that we get our payment ASAP.
    In case technically it is not possible, please confirm so that we process the payment through different ways.


  28. Hi, Chitraparna i have a question , What documents required to open Payoneer Account. Like :- Voter Id, Passport or Pan Card.
    We should upload there scan copy to Payoneer Account. Please reply.. & how they verified any user Like Paypal send some money to user account to verified.
    Then how Payoneer verified the user?
    Paypal required PAN CARD number, Then what type Documents Payoneer required.

  29. Hi, thanks for the detailed review. I have a blog and I am looking for a way to receive donations and small payments and such through my blog. I had a paypal account before. But they kept my account restricted thinking I am doing something illegal.
    I am looking for an easy way for my clients to send me money. My question is do my clients have to create an account with payoneer for sending me money?

  30. Hello,

    I usually receive payments in USD from my clients. We are a registered service tax payer in India.
    Does Payoneer allow me to withdraw my Payoneer balance in USD itself to my India bank account, without any conversion to INR at their end ?

    I am concerned that Payoneer’s automatic conversion from USD to INR will make me liable for an extra 14% Service Tax despite this being my Export income.

    Anticipating an early reply.

    • Hi Nitin,

      You can’t withdraw the Payoneer balance in USD to your India account. It will be automatically converted and withdrawn to the registered bank account with Payoneer.

      Why would a service charge be levied? I get money from both Payoneer and PayPal. Unless you’re billing the client with S.Tax 14%, why would you pay?

  31. How to $ 100 withdraw money from that they will transfer amount direct payments to our local bank account, in INR. Actually i have open a account in payoneer but i don’t seen no option to withdraw money transfer to my local bank account.i have attached example copy link same in my please you have told me i only want to money transfer to my local bank account and i dont use any debit or credit just i want simple transfer USD TO INR in my bank account.

    My bank is STATE BANK OF INDIA any problem???

    I hope we understand my problem.please help me awaiting your reply its very urgent.

    Any example screenshot so i understand better.


    • Dear Bhargav,

      Check if there is option in to receive money through Payoneer. If there is, sync both these accounts. Make a withdrawal request. The money will go to your bank account through Payoneer.

  32. Hi Chitraparna,

    I have created an account with Payoneer 2 months back. Can I send a request for a payment even if my questionnaire is in “Submitted” status but my Documents are approved. Secondly, Is the VOID image illustrated with bank, routing no and account number are mine and if I could send the info to my client for direct payment to the above bank info. If at all I send a payment request to my client in US, will my payment gets rejected as my Questionnaire status isn’t approved yet. I am about to receive a small payment due today or tomorrow.


  33. Hi Chitraparna,

    I has issue with my payment. i got back to back 3 payments approval within hour from payoneer and this payment got on same day in our local indian bank account ..but from 2days i am seeing my payment status waiting for approval .All payments from same sender. Amount is 6448$ its still under 500000INR…its still not approved yet that is why i am mailing you for help.. please if you can help me solving this issues of payment ..

    • Hi Digvijay,

      I just saw your comment. Is the issue solved? If it’s withdrawn from your Payoneer account, it is under process to your bank account. It will take a while during weekend otherwise it’s swiftly processed.

      Let me know the status. If not solved, I will talk internally.

  34. Hi Chitraparna,

    Thank you so much they did transfer my money. is there any way to minimize amount of 2%. my amount is big so payoneer takes charges 2% for that amount according to their policies ..if you knows the solution Help me with it..

  35. How does one add a bank account in Payoneer? I already have an account in Payoneer but have not submitted the documents yet.

  36. Hi Chitraparna, good to see you dynamically responding to comments. I started hosting on airbnb about 3 months back but I only see PayPal as the option to get paid. Any way we can use payoneer or how to reach them and request to associate them to airbnb. I believe they were linked before 2011 as per some link I saw perhaps in this article itself. PayPal charges are just too high and non-transarent too.

  37. Hi Chitraparna, I am a freelancer in Fiverr. what is the minimum amount in US $ which can be transferred to my Bank account in India. If it is below the minimum amount, what happens to the amount?

    Thank You!

    • Hi Rachna,

      There is no minimum amount condition. Once Fiverr sends the payment, it comes to your Payoneer account and is autowithdrawn the same working day for your local bank account.

  38. Hi Chitraparna,

    I have created an account on Payoneer at 17th March 2016 and I got an email saying that it is under review.I did not get any responds from them yet.I’m actually waiting to get my account activated to start using it.

    Could you please tell me how many days would normally takes to get an Account activated?
    Will you be able to help me on this?


  39. Nice and realistic comparison chitraparna, I just love Payoneer now because PayPal made my account limited and I got my money back after 3 months effort. But I’m happy with Payoneer now, what a great service in such affordable charges.

  40. Hi ,

    It is very sad to say I’m unable to create a Payoneer account yet and gets successfully approved from Payoneer Account approval department.

    Really frustrated with Payoneer Customer Support Team ,as they don’t even mind replying to my complaints.Got an automated reply after that nothing.

    On 7th April 2016 I did register again.That was my 3rd Account opening Request .As soon as I registered got an Request under Review email .I really need this to be approved without any barriers.

    I had seen that you were helping people to sort out issues quickly.I really need your help as all my payment being held due to this Issue.


  41. Someone please help me here. I got my Payoneer activated, but when I try to add it on PayPal,. PayPal says it is disabled??? What gives??? Cannot I not use it now?

    What are my other options? I need to get my money out. Will the VBA offered by Auction Essistance help me? Is currency exchange good? How can I get my money out??

  42. I got the same mail this time too.

    “We are sorry to inform you that Payoneer’s Account Approval Department was unable to process your application for the Payoneer WebMoney purse Service.

    To inquire about the status and verify if we require additional information, you can contact us using our Payoneer Contact Form.

    Your Application Reference Number for this matter is: 15827203”

    I really not understanding what is stopping them to process my Request.

    Can you help me to sort out this issue?

    • Hi Sandhya,

      Did you create another account some time back? The reason your new account application isn’t getting approved is because you have an existing account. Your new account is automatically getting rejected since it’s matching the phone number and birthdate details with the old account.

      Try retrieving the old account. Someone from the Team will give you a phone call, if not already.

  43. Thanks you Chitraparna. I was really struggled a lot to get this Issue Resolved.I’m able to access my old Account created.I actually given wrong mail ID .So I was not getting any emails.Once again thank you so much..

  44. Hi Chitraparna,

    We are a Ltd company in India, exporting goods to more than 50 countries and we get payment thru PayPal. Since all our exports are commercial exports, we need to submit a Foreign Exchange Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) to our bank as proof of receipt of foreign exchange for the exports done. Since we get the PayPal payment to our bank (Union Bank of India) thru Citibank India, Citibank provides our bank an FIRC (for a nominal charge) for every transaction.

    How is this process handled in Payoneer? We would definitely require the FIRC.

  45. Hi Chitraparna,

    I created a Payoneer account in April, and it was approved soon as well. After a few days, I decided to change my payoneer email ID, but forgot to update the same with the company I work for. And they made a payment to my old Payoneer email ID. I never received the payment. My company (Sfera Studios) said the transaction was probably declined due to the email ID being different, while Payoneer said payment cannot be made by the company using only email ID! Very confusing, because my colleagues only got paid by giving just Payoneer email ID.

    Payoneer are also unable to tell me if payment was declined. They are also saying my Payoneer account has not been linked with my company, even though I have updated my new Payoneer email in my company’s database. Why is that?

    Also, I had not submitted my ID or filled the questionnaire. Could this be a reason the payment was declined? Currently I have submitted both, and status is shown as submitted. How long does it take to get approved? It’s been over a week since I submitted the document and filled the questionnaire.

    • Hey, Karthik. I sure hope you see this soon! I freelance for Sfera too, and I have to switch to Payoneer all of a sudden because I’m having some issues with my Paypal account. I was supposed to get my payment last month (in May), but I’m not able to receive payments on my Paypal a/c anymore.
      So now I’ve created a Payoneer account. It’s been approved, and I have chosen Payoneer as my new method of payment in my Sfera account (and updated my email ID on there as well). I contacted Payoneer’s customer support and they said documentation (ID) isn’t required (for now). I wanted to check with you if documentation indeed isn’t required. Also, like you said, my Payoneer account isn’t showing that it’s linked with Sfera. If you click on “funding sources” in your Payoneer account, it shows you the list of companies that are currently paying you. Was this a problem? I’m so worried I won’t get paid.

      • Hi Sumaira,

        I don’t think there should be a problem, like the Payoneer support said. When I had contacted Payoneer last month over a payment which had been delayed, then too they had said that lack of ID was not a problem. And I think Sfera shows up as a funding source in the Payoneer account only after you receive a payment from them. So wait till then. I don’t think you have anything to worry about 🙂

        • Hi, Karthik!

          Thank you for replying so soon. 🙂 My message was “awaiting moderation” for a few days and it felt like the longest wait of my life lol.
          How lucky am I to have found a fellow Sfera user on here! 🙂
          Anyway, I’m still awaiting payment, but I’m a bit more chill now thanks to your reply. Think everything will be sorted out soon enough.
          Thanks again for you help, and hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

          • Hello! I freelance for Sfera too Just like Sumaira, I’ve created a Payoneer account, it’s been approved, and I have chosen Payoneer as my new method of payment in my Sfera account and updated my email ID on there as well. Documentation has already been submitted and approved. But apparently Payoneer has not been linked with Sfera because I cannot see Sfera between my Funding Sources. Does it really appear only after you receive a payment from them? Could you get paid back then, Sumaira? I hope you can help me, I am quite worried and I don’t have much time left to accept all my invoices and receive my payments.
            Thank you in advance,

  46. Hello,
    Myself Somani I have some queiries with you, I will be very thankful to if I’ll get my answer soon.

    1) What are the needed documents for creating Payoneer?

    2) How it will be verified? Is it as complicated as Pay-pal! (That’s like, Paypal send some money to my bank a/c and then again i have to resend it to the pay-pal a/c)

    3) I just want to receive money through Payoneer and transfer it to my my Indian bank a/c. So for this should i need any Payoneer card? i don’t want the card is it possible?

    4) What will be my ‘Payoneer id’ name which I need to provide my client for payment process? (is that the ‘user name’ like Pay-pal?)

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


    • Hi Somani,

      To answer your queries:

      1) Your basic id proof – PAN and AADHAAR will do.

      2) You need to give the details, that is. They will verify at their end. It’s not like PayPal.

      3) Make sure the name of the account in Payoneer is same as the bank account name. Payoneer doesn’t have cards in India anymore. Once your bank account is linked, the money will come there directly from Payoneer.

      4) Your email id is the Payoneer id. If you’re getting paid from marketplaces like Fiverr, you just need to go to Fiverr payment settings, click on Payoneer, you will be directed to Payoneer, login, give permission to link Fiverr and Payoneer, and you are done! The same for other marketplaces. If you have direct clients, you can use the billing services or your US/UK virtual bank account details – send it to the client. The client pays. It’s a very easy process. Don’t worry.


      • Thank you for quick reply but I have one more question in my mind that if there is no need of any bank account number then how there will be link up between payoneer and my SBI account? Thanks.

  47. Hi chitra,
    I am a freelancer from 99designs. I got paid $200 from a design contest. I chose to receive payment via payoneer. After successful payment load. They said the money will arraive within 3 business days in confirmation mail of withrawel . But this is 6th business day till now I haven’t any response from payoneer.

    If I check my payoneer account, it shows in pending authorization.

    Eventually I sent two emails to them one after another day. But there is no response
    Payment ID 27488975

    Kindly help me. I don’t know what’s going on


    • I got received the money early. Due to the lack of informational message from my bank. I was quarried

      There is nothing wrong with payoneer


  48. Hi Chitraparna,

    Thank you so much for such a great article and all your support.

    I have been following your discussion and I really trust the way you helped. I am going going to sign up the payoneer.

    I can trust you more than payoneer 🙂


  49. Hello,

    Nice piece of information thanks! I would like to know what is the procedure to apply FIRC for payoneer payments both PayPal & has given information about applying FIRC for their remittances but I don’t know how to tackle it with Payoneer

    FIRC – Foreign inward remittances certificate ( proof for export payments)

      • Hi Chitraparna,

        I did send email to their community team but haven’t received any reply yet since last 20 days and even posted the issue on twitter, probably I don’t know how to take this information further

        Thanks in advance

          • Hi Chitraparna,

            I sent email to community help team, chat conversation, FB message and twitter tweet, Payoneer India is specifically not replying to the request of FIRC support

            FIRC – Foreign inward remittances certificate ( proof for export payments)

            FIRC is only pay to prove tax departments or other Indian laws to state this is forgien income otherwise it looks like normal NEFT payments

  50. Read your post and many misconceptions removed. Though being on the safe side i should ask you that is Payoneer good for Fiverr still? Note: Though i am level one buyer still i have $100 so i don’t want to erode money on hefty transaction fees, so would Payoneer help me?

  51. Same thing with me, very frustrating customer support from Payoneer, i can’t see any withdrawal tab after login to my account and neither any account details for the withdrawal.. and customer support is really frustrating.

    I must say ChitraParna Paypal is Paypal, its better to pay little extra fees atleast we can get better support there.

    And atleast Paypal verify your account and you can see the account details for the withdrawal, and as Paypal also approve your account by sending very small amounts, by which you can get assurance that Paypal will do the transfer/withdrawal atleast.

  52. (1) Can I receive money in USD or in INR in my Indian bank account ? Does Payoneer has its own bank account in India like PayPal… from which they first transfer money in USD into payoneer india account and then convert USD in INR and then send INR to my account.. Does they follow this procedure ? Like PayPal …and (2).what is the monthly limit of transfer money from payoneer to bank account?
    (3). For recieving money from abroad …Can we use payoneer transaction details as source of income for Income Tax..
    (4) how much can we send in one transaction ?

    These questions are coming in mind and I think most of the people also want this questions answer ..

  53. Hi Dear,

    Please let me know can I only receive money using Payoneer or we can send money to same way to another country using Payoneer from India. Is it possible or not If yes then how?.

    Actually In case of PayPal we have both the options but here how it is possible If my friend is also using Payoneer residing in Nigeria. Then how it is possible.

  54. Hi

    In case of payoneer, I can receive funds from individuals by sending invoice to their email ID.

    Whereas in case of Payoneer, it is allowing an option to send request to receive funds only from companies.

    Can you please suggest how to receive funds from inddividuals for services offered?

    Thank you

  55. Payoneer is no longer being accepted by PayPal anymore. Has anyone used Auction Essistance to successfully verify their PayPal account?

  56. I have one question…I use to collect payment from my clients from USA and UK .. But my clients are not company they are individuals… So do you think they can make payment to me.. Even I am a Individial and not company… Even I am holding payoneer account but so far not used it as most of my clients are individuals..

  57. Hi Chitraparna,

    I have created a payoneer account 2 weeks back with all required details. My account is active now. I want to get an understanding of the process of payment transfer via credit card. I do not have Payoneer Mastercard debit card. My client is from Australia and he wants to transfer the payment on my payoneer account via credit card. When I sent a payment request to my client, payment request shows USA bank details that might be mapped to my bank. The client responded me, “Your payment request looks different from everyone else. It gives me your bank transfer details? The other people’s request has a button I can click to pay by credit card. That’s the only way I can pay.” Kindly assist and guide me, how to make a payment request so that client might do payment transfer via credit card. and also let me know from where I may apply for Payoneer Debit card

    • Hi Abhinav,

      The Payoneer Debit Card isn’t available to residents in India. The reason why your client sees the bank details is because the credit card payment option isn’t active yet. The client has to transfer to your USA bank account that you see on your Payoneer dashboard and the money comes to your India account.

  58. 1) Can an individual get paid using Payoneer from an individual from U.S?

    2) If virtual bank details are provided to the client residing in U.S, do the client also needs to have a Payoneer account or he can simply transfer money online from his online banking to virtual bank account details of the indidual freelancer[receiver] provided by Payoneer?

  59. Hi Chitraparna,
    There is no Withdraw button in my payoneer account.
    I got mail from payoneer:
    Each time you receive a total of at least 10.00 USD in payments, these payments are automatically deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.
    Means we can not withdraw the money, they will do automatically.
    Payoneer has deducted $3 for Instant load fee.
    Can you suggest how to enable withdraw button and other fee deducted by them in LBT in India.

    • Hi Niharika,

      The funds are automatically withdrawn. You don’t need to withdraw, that is why the withdrawal button isn’t there. It’s RBI mandate than no forex should be held in account. If you have used PayPal, you’ll know that there also the money is automatically withdrawn, same with Payoneer.

      Try to get heavy payments, then $3 won’t matter.

      • Hi Chitraparna,
        Thank you for your reply.
        Money withdrawn automatically from payoneer on 4/jan/2017, but still not credited in my local bank account. 4 days are already over as per their promise. I sent them a mail also, but no reply no resolution.
        Please guide me in this regard as i am afraid because it is my first time with payoneer. Please guide me what i can do from my end.

    payoneer promises to transfer payments in local bank account in 24 hours,
    it has been more than 7 days payment not received, (ref no 36350608 payoneer id 18461352, payment amount 667$), payment was processed on 4th january.
    irony is a smaller payment (25$) processed next day and received after 2 hours.
    the worst thing is that there is no proper response from customer team, they says you will get a call from someone in a business day, but no one calls, it is said that e mail complains will be answered in 3 days, but no one even acknowledges that they have received the complain.
    they try to mock customer, your representative Hannah said that it takes 5 days, when i said 5 days already over, she says friday is also a holiday in USA, comeone!
    i have lost 667$, which is a big deal at least for me.
    I am trying this since 5 days, and everyone there is fooling me,
    Please do not think that you do not come under Indian laws, I will be forced to complain to RBI and indian authorities. (i am aware that mistakes happens, but your customer service is just mocking me, like saying ‘ i hope you receive your payment’ ‘ we are working on it’ when i said i wont use ths service, they says OK), what does this indicate

    • Hi Deepesh,

      Payoneer is certainly not a fraud company. They have been having some payment delays over the last couple of months. If your issue still persists, please connect with Rohit Kulkarni at He is the India Business Head and he will surely sort out the issue. Mention in email that you got his id with reference from my company, Esmee Network.

  61. I have also signed up with payoneer for payments from clixsense. there has been some problem. will get back with update later. loved your blog.

  62. no Response.
    After the recent cancellation of papal on Clixsense was confused regarding other payment options came across your site and got registered through your site. On March 16 received an email saying $490 dollars from my clixsense has been received and will be transferred to my account within 4 working days. waited for few days and when the money was not transferred sent an email to their team and received an automated email saying staff will contact in 3 days but no response. will i ever receive money or should i altogether forget about it. Although one good thing about all this i did receive my $25 bonus with a day after transferring money form clixsense. Please help me to get my money.

      • No, i haven’t received it yet. Sent a mail to the customer care got a reply that there was a problem on their end hence they have re initiated the payment and wait for 5 days to get the money .Its been 6 days now and no sign of my money. this is highly unprofessional .I have never faced such an issue with paypal and first time on payoneer with such experience now i dont know what to do

  63. Hello Iffath & Chitra

    I want to use Payoneer but I am afraid to do so, because I Read so many Complains about pending Payments and Bad Support.

    I am using PayPal from last 5 years and their is no problem regards Payments, Paypal is Professional Company. you can trust paypal blindly where as Payoneer is so unprofessional with zero level support to their customers.

    • Hi Kamal,

      I can understand your problem. Payoneer is certainly having issues with their Support system and going by the complaints on this post, it does take them time to send the money whereas their initial promise was funds within 48 working hours. This being said, Payoneer is a legitimate company like PayPal – it’s your choice now.

  64. Hi,

    I have recently created account on Payoneer & received my few payments from DesignCrowd.
    Every time Payoner charges me 3$ as immediate load fee.
    I asked customer care for this, they said “It’s charges for fast payment service & normally it takes 2-3 days for payment transfer & by immediate load you will be receive payment same day.”
    In fact, I haven’t received any payment before 3-4 days.
    Then why I have to pay this charges every time?
    There aren’t any option to disable this so called “Immediate Load” function.

    One more query about “Global Payment Service”

    What is the procedure to get payment from any customer from Europe country?
    (a) Simply giving the information about “EUR RECEIVING ACCOUNT (SEPA)” , will he transfer my payment to payoneer from his bank account.
    (b) May I have to send “Payment Request” to him?
    (c) If I have to get 300$ as a payment, what charges will be for him as well as for me?

    Kind Regards,
    Shailesh Chheta

  65. Hi,

    I registered to payoneer and my first payment withdrawal to my bank of 50$ is on its way through Autowithdrawal. I recd the mail yesterday at 12.12PM. Will i get the payment today itself or as a first time withdrawal should i wait for more days ?

    Thanks in advance

    • As i thought the transaction to my bank was Cancelled. This is the reason i was afraid of using payoneer. My account is verified, then why the transaction was cancelled. Maybe the lasttime i go with payoneer. Paypal is way better.

  66. Hello , I am having issue with payoneer withdrawal problem . I have my funds into my payoneer account but I do not have any option for withdrawal. What exactly I have to do now to withdraw the funds ? Does payonner india transfer the funds automatically within 24 hours like PayPal ? How it will work ?

  67. Hello,
    How can i receive FIRC on payment through payoneer. In paypal we receive through citibank but not clear abour payoneer.
    Please let me know.


  68. Hi Chitraparna
    First of all thank you very much for the effort in writing the blog. I also appreciate the time and effort you are investing in the discussion (comments) and helping out fellow Indians. I was going through the Payoneer website and in the “Receive Payments” I understand that as of now i.e. 2017 I can initiate a payment request to an individual customer as well as company. While in some of your answers (2015 – 2016) you have mentioned that Payoneer is a B2B platform and that one cannot request payments from overseas clients who are not registered business but Individuals. Does this still hold true?
    I am having a few overseas clients mostly Individuals, can I use Payoneer to request payments from them mostly in USD?

    • Hi Neerav,

      I need to update my blog post. Yes, you can request from individuals and businesses who don’t have Payoneer account – they will get the option to pay via credit card.

      • Thank you for the response. Can I request one more thing.
        Somewhere on the site in “Receive Payments” it is mentioned that the payments received will be automatically transferred to my INR account with an asterisk * “your bank may charge landing fees” . I tried to google regarding the general landing fees that a bank would charge on the payments received but could not find any answers.
        Can you throw some light on as to what would be the (range) landing charges applicable on the payments received?

        • Hi Neerav,

          As of now, I have not seen any deduction by my bank as “landing fees” and I have been using Payoneer since 2015. The amount sent by Payoneer is what I receive in my bank accounts – IndusInd and Federal Bank.

          • Hi Chitraparna,

            Thank you for providing the information as in your own experience. Once again I would like to state that I really appreciate the time and effort you invest here in replying queries on this blog post.

  69. I have added my Oriental Bank of commerce details in payoneer account. I have received an email from them “Thank you for choosing Payoneer! Your application was received and the details you provided are currently under review. Once confirmed, you will receive an e-mail notification.”

    It is more than 5 days but there is no confirmation from their end. How many days they will take to verify and confirm.

  70. I have received an offer for writing job from a US client an individual agreed to make payment via Payoneer fo rmy writing work. I am an individual and not a company.

    I am planning to open an Payoneer account and Link with my HDFC bank account in Chennai, India

    1) Is HDFC a right decision since I have my bank account there?

    2) Please let me know the fees including transaction, withdrawal, landing, forex charge etc (Fees in anyform) will be deducted.

    3) How much will I get for every $100 transferred. Possible let know in INR my final take home.

    4) Also let me know if I can share the account with mutiple clients in US to transfer fund for my work.

    5) Please let me know the monthly limits.

    Thanks in advance.Suggest me if I have missed anything.

  71. Pyoneer is too better than PayPal.
    I’m using Paypal since from 2013 but now i’m using Payoneer.
    Payoneer withdrawl fee less than Paypla.
    Also payoneer does workes faster than Paypal.

  72. Hi Chitraparna,

    Thanks for the valuable information.

    I have question regarding Paypal, have a paypal account but while linking bank account its not allowing me. so i thought it could be the reason for the name .
    so I try to change the name but unfortunately the don’t allow this and asked me to create a new paypal account.
    so my question is can i use same email id to create the new paypal account after closing the current one?
    If not then could you help the process to link my bank account.
    I tried to contact paypal customer on mail but no respond.

  73. Hi Chitraparna,

    Hope, you are doing fine

    I represent an elearning company, in which we have got freelancers outside of India (Africa mostly in Kenya),
    the PayPal does not provide a good service, so I wish to open an account on Payoneer, to make payments to
    them by adding funds

    We may receive funds in Payoneer, but cannot guarantee that, as most of my clientage is using PayPal

    I contacted them but they denied, they told me that they can only make a trading account in which we receive funds
    & transfer funds, but not in the way as I proposed, so is there any way to open the account?

  74. This is amazing information, I got inspired after reading this blog!
    Please keep posting such informational blog. So that, people like us will get inspired and implement in real life.

    Thanking you

  75. I am new in Payoneer. Can I receive payment directly from my client if I do not linked with any other merchant service like trulancer or upwork? Also what will be the fee of transfer of funds in India from Canada in USD currency if I send a invoice of 500 USD. And who will pay this fee myself or client?

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